So many possibilities in Paradox's new game Stellaris, here are some of my hopeful catastrophes.

Stellaris and 3 situations I hope I’ll get in

So many possibilities in Paradox's new game Stellaris, here are some of my hopeful catastrophes.
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Paradox Interactive’s Stellaris announcement at Gamescom has armchair (or computer chair) generals giddy with excitement over the spacefaring opportunities. In an article with Rock, Paper, Shotgun Adam Smith detailed some of the situations an intrepid galactic leader can get into. After reading about the tantalising possibilities I had to share some of the situations I really want to find my self in.

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1. My federation of planets teaming up with the militaristic empire to take on the warp spawn hordes.

Diplomacy was always secondary to me in Paradox grand strategy games, sure I could play it “smart” but i just never had the patience for it. This was a shame because I’m a really nice guy, the idea of a greater evil compelling two galactic powers to fight shoulder to shoulder? Well it sounds a lot like Star Trek doesn’t it? And it’s always nice to have a not so friendly reminder that allies are far from inconsequential in a good grand strategy.

2. My science worshipping kingdom having to undertake an exodus, enslaving a lesser species and returning to their planets to fight the robotic rebellion.

I love Mass Effect, and I have an embarrassing amount of love for Tali in that game, creating a technocrat society where AI decides organic life has to go? I’m down, although I can’t promise i’ll be as kind as flotilla might be (why waste citizens when un-evolved slaves will do?)

3. My militaristic empire creates a slave-soldier caste to bring fire and death to all the galaxy.

Ok this is me being a dick I admit it, but come on! If Paradox grand strategy has shown us one thing it’s that in the game of thrones you win or die and it’s so good to be bad.

Stellaris released its reveal trailer yesterday at Gamescom and it certainly promises a broad spectrum of planets to play with.

If there’s one thing Paradox has proven it can do, its grand strategy and space is a grand, grand setting for them (and us) to play with.

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