Super Mario Bros. Redesigned As Modern 2D Illustrations

Digital artist Bonny John's epic redesign of the Super Mario Bros. cast.
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Artist Bonny John took it upon himself to redesign all of the cast of Super Mario Bros. From a tough Princess Daisy to a warlord Bowser, the new direction is bold yet familiar.

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Now both an electrician and plumber, Mario has a fair amount of tools at his disposal to save the day. The cute little mushroom patch job on his overalls is a nice touch as well!


Contrary to his usually nervous and terrified demeanor, Bonny's Luigi is a dapper fellow of composure with a neat little bow tie. He looks prepared to help his brother save the mushroom kingdom.

Princess Peach

Not much is changed other than the new art style, but she still looks excellent in the new style.

Princess Daisy

On the flipside, Princess Daisy has been toughened up a lot, turned into a warrior princess. The cute little Luigi pendant shows a soft spot to help balance it out.


The King Koopa has gone near-full Ganondorf now, with sword and armor giving him a villainous yet regal appearance. He also looks more than ready to strike fear into the Mario brothers!

Bowser Jr.

Junior's grown up since we last seen him, and he's going through a moody punk artist phase currently. With an evil magic paintbrush, maybe both Mario and Epic Mickey better watch out!


TOAD! You're... a human being! And what's more, his mushroom head is now an ornate turban.


Yoshi has been given a serious upgrade, turned into a mix of We're Back's T-Rex and the lovable Yoshi of yesteryear. I'd be wary of any flames that come flying out of his mouth now, that's for sure!

These are but a taste of Bonny John's designs. Be sure to check him out here, and you can follow him on Twitter. After that, why not take a look at some of GameSkinny's other Culture pieces? If there are any designs in particular you like, let me know in the comments below!

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