Super Mario Odyssey Fanworks Are Already Blowing Us Away

The fandom for Nintendo's beloved Mario creates beautiful Super Mario Odyssey inspired artwork.

The fandom for Nintendo's beloved Mario creates beautiful Super Mario Odyssey inspired artwork.

As Nintendo continues to release consistently top-rated Mario games, the fandom for Mario only grows. Within that fandom are a lot of artists creating wonderful content. Take the gorgeous header image for this article; that was created by DeviantArt user VegaColors. The Odyssey is such a wonderful ship, and that blue sky makes me want to fly right into Tumblr user p1aceho1der‘s recreation of the Sand Kingdom:

Sand Kingdom

After this, maybe I’ll run into arkestar‘s Pauline in New Donk City.


Or discover Pauline has saved Princess Peach already, bringing this alternate ending by DeviantArt’s theskywaker to fruition.

Peach And Pauline

Pauline sure is somebody’s 1-Up girl.

Speaking of Pauline, New Donk City and Frank Sinatra inspired this wonderful piece by Manguinha, also on DeviantArt.

Mario Odyssey in the New Donk City

Mario holding Cappy instead of a cigarette is nice and kid-friendly. Cappy is just all around great, and this version of that nearly iconic picture of Mario with Cappy floating above him is probably one of the cutest things I’ve seen. 

super mario odyssey

That was by DeviantArt user Rainmaker113, who has a whole folder dedicated to adorable Mario photos.

Speaking of adorable, look at this Cappy and Tiara by Diana-del-Barrio.

super mario Odyssey - cappy and tiara

Unfortunately, those are not for sale from her. Although Cappy can easily be found on ThinkGeek and other websites, but not Tiara. It kind of makes me want to cry that a little bit of googling does not turn up a Tiara for sale.

Wedding Princess Peach

Though if I looked like Enmanuelart20‘s version of Peach crying when I cried, I would cry all the time. But I don’t, so I might instead want to just become really tough and never cry. Maybe like Darksilvania‘s Mariosaurus Rex.

Mariosaurus Rex

Or Bowser by omegalife, also DeviantArt.

Pimp Koopa - Mario Odyssey

Now that we’re on the topic of bad guys, here’s Harriet, one of the Broodals (Bowser’s wedding planners), by risenshiner from Tumblr:


Those Broodals do their best to keep Mario away from Bowser and Peach, so at least Bowser can happily get married, but I think Tumblr’s beetlebaine does a much better job than the Broodals at putting the giant Koopa and beautiful Princess together:

Bowser & Peach

HonoluluJoe on DeviantArt (lukevalentineart on Tumblr) also does a good job putting those two together in the alternate ending way:


But I think most of us just want this sort of ending by windpriest from Tumblr:

Mario and Peach

Thank you, artists! All us non-artists look forward to seeing more and more of your wonderful work!

What do you think of these? Have you seen great fan art inspired by Super Mario Odyssey? Let us know in the comments!

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