Super Smashed Bros! 5 Ultimate Drinking Games for your Next Party Night!

Looking to augment your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate experience with some refreshments? These 5 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate drinking games have you covered.

Looking to augment your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate experience with some refreshments? These 5 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate drinking games have you covered.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been out for a little bit now, and most folks have finally been able to get to grips with the latest, greatest entry in the series. Sure, you can buffer, shorthop nair, RAR, and pivot with the best of them, but what else is there once you’ve mastered Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Well, allow us to suggest you get casual with these 5 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate drinking games! 

We’ve created these games from scratch with the game’s new mechanics in mind, and most work best with a larger group, so call your pals, fix up a nice big bowl of Falcon Punch, and get ready to get smashed! Just remember to drink responsibly, and that if you choose to play on 75m, even casually, you are a horrible person and I hope you get a horrific hangover tomorrow morning.

Classic 3 Minute Smashed

Perfect for beginners, this mode is a riff on the classic Nintendo drinking game Beerio Kart, where players must balance their game and drinking expertise simultaneously.

  • Set rules to time, with a time limit of 3 minutes. Set pause and score display to off
  • All competitors must prepare a 12-oz beer
  • Pick characters and stages. Items are okay, but do not pick stages that are easy to camp in, like 75m, Hyrule Temple, Duck Hunt, or Great Cave Offensive (among others)
  • All players MUST finish their beer before time expires. Players must put their controllers down in order to drink
  • Get smashing!

Super Smashed Bros.

For those of you who crave a more traditional “drink when you X” style experience with your gaming, we’ve got you covered. This ruleset works across all game modes, even adventure mode (if you’re trying to drink alone tonight).

  • Drink if you’re KOed.
  • Take an additional drink if you self-destructed or suffer a star or screen KO
  • Take 2 drinks if you pick up one of the following items: Beetle, Boss Galaga, Ore Club, Gust Bellows, or Beam Sword
  • Finish your drink if you’re spiked into oblivion
  • Finish your drink if your shield is broken
  • 3 drinks if Captain Falcon lands a Falcon Punch, Ganondorf lands a Warlock Punch, or Bowser lands his dropkick
  • While the crowd chants, everyone drinks for the duration
  • If Waluigi, Shovel Knight, or Isaac appears in an assist trophy, all players must immediately drop their controllers and pour the remainder of their drinks in the sink to show respect for our brothers that got left behind
  • If you’re hit by a Final Smash, drink for the duration
  • If a player ends the game without being KOed, everyone else takes a shot at the end of the match

Handicap Match (Smashdown)

Though this drinking game works best with the Smashdown rule set, you can adapt it for any other game mode! Unlike some other games on this list, this one is set up to level the playing field between more skilled players and folks who might be new to the game.

  • Begin a match in Smashdown mode
  • Turn mercy rule ON
  • Smash as normal for the first match
  • After the match ends, the winner takes a drink
  • Repeat until a winner is declared!

Spirits Battle

In this mode, first activate Spirits in your options. After that, the rules are simple.

  • Put together your favorite spirit team
  • Prepare a drink made with spirits. I recommend a gin and tonic with a twist of lemon! So refreshing
  • 1-stock, no items
  • Winner stays
  • The loser takes 1 drink for a loss, plus more depending on how powerful their team is
    • 1-999: No additional drinks
    • 1000-4999: 2 additional drinks
    • 5000-9999: 4 additional drinks
    • 10000+: 1 shot

Showdown with Rando Calrissian

“Rando Calrissian” is one of my favorite house rules in any party environment. Originating with Cards Against Humanity, Rando Calrissian is a non-human competitor who acts completely at random.

In the case of CAH, you play by adding the top white card to everyone else’s submissions. Now, the key is that if Rando Calrissian wins a round, everyone feels deep, deep shame. 

It’s pretty easy to modify this rule for inclusion in Smash!

  • Set up a Smash game with custom rules
  • Hide every UI element that you can, including score/name display, and percentage display
  • In the character select, every player must choose “random”
  • Add a computer player set to an appropriate level (I like Lv. 7 for drunken shenanigans) and set it to random as well
  • Nobody is allowed to talk or look at other controllers. Players shouldn’t know who other players are controlling
  • When you lose a stock, drink
  • At the end of the match, if the winner is displayed and they’re not a human controlled character, you must chug the rest of your drink while feeling intense shame

You and your friends will get smashed in no time playing these games, believe you me. Play it and drink it safe this New Years!

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