Some movie adaptations of games suck and some are actually good. Some games are more deserving than others such as Dead Space and God of War.

Taking games from silver screen to big screen

Some movie adaptations of games suck and some are actually good. Some games are more deserving than others such as Dead Space and God of War.
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With thousands of games out on the market and in our homes, a few have been made into feature-length films. A handful were decent, good even while the most were…well for lack of a better word, crap. Among all the games that exist across all platforms through the years, a few definitely deserve to hit the big screen.

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There have been some great games that have been utterly mocked and destroyed on the big screen such as Super Mario and Mortal Kombat. Iconic games and hold a special place in all of our hearts but completely suck as movies! Super Mario Bros. is the perfectly example (next to the Resident Evil movies) of games that suck as movies. Don’t misunderstand me at all, the actors are great actors but the plot, effects and overall look of the movie was terrible and it is often unacknowledged as having existed but it does, which leaves a sour taste in gamers mouths.

Some games that made the jump from home screen to big screen actually worked – such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Great casting, good story and overall decent movie. This is how it should be done and not butchered into crap movie after crap movie like the Resident Evil franchise. Just leave it as a game and move on Hollywood. Please stop, we can’t take it anymore!! Although the sequel to Tomb Raider wasnt exactly amazing, it’s still loads better than some other movies based on games.

From controller to concession stand

Games such as Dead Space and God of War are among the few that gamers would love to see in theaters. with the right directors, cast, effects and producers, these games can become fantastic movies. With the horror/sci-fi/action-suspense elements that are Dead Space, directors like Ridley Scott can make movie gold and have everyone throwing their money at the box office. With his great work on Alien/Aliens and Prometheus, he can easily bring Issac Clarke to life in a live action take on the horrors he goes through to fight off necromorphs in the vastness of space.

Now a title like God of Warsomeone with experience with blood, gore and utter violence like Zack Snyder would be perfect for this. Imagine 300 but with more violence, gods and insane powers plus a bald bada** like Kratos on the big screen in live action would be the most insane rated R movie to be released! 

Yeah it can be argued that some games have movies like the animated movie Dead Space Aftermath, and the upcoming movie Ratchet & Clank exist and work, but it’s not the same as watching characters that you have been on an adventure with from beginning to end with come to life on the big screen. The way I see it, if they can make a really good movie like Halo: Forward Unto Dawn on Netflix, make countless live action trailers for games, then a movie should a walk in the park.

The list for games that deserve their own movies goes on and on. What games do you think are deserving of a movie and what are in your opinion the worst movie adaptations of games? 

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