Ten Awesome Majora’s Mask Shirts from RedBubble

Show off your Zelda pride in style with these ten Majora's Mask inspired shirts from RedBubble!
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"72 Hours Remain": Where better to begin than the Dawn of the First Day? This is a familiar image to everyone who has played Majora's Mask. Anyone who doesn't know what your shirt is about can then be treated to a long and in-depth explanation. This shirt by  is available for $22.50 on RedBubble's website.

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"Majora's Mask - Meeting with a Terrible Fate": This shirt features what is, perhaps, the most well-known quote from Majora's Mask. It also features the incredibly creepy Happy Mask Salesman, Tatl, and the evil mask that's the reason for all your woes. This shirt by  is available for $24.54 on RedBubble's website.

"Skull Kid": What list of Majora's Mask shirts would be complete without a closeup of our villain? This shirt by  also features Tael, Tatl's brother, and you can find it on RedBubble's website for $24.54.

"Majora's Fall": This is a really cool design. I particularly love the art style and that it features the Clock Tower. This shirt by   is $25.99 on Redbubble's website.

"The Majora's Door": This is just a really cool design. It's one of my favorite Zelda shirts I've ever seen. The iconic moon is featured, and it looks really creepy in this art style. This shirt by  is available on RedBubble's website for $22.90.

"Hero's Songs - Song of Healing": The Song of Healing releases Link from his Deku Scrub form and turns him back into his normal self. The design of this shirt is simple, but it serves as a nice reminder of that memorable moment in the game. You can find it on RedBubble's website for $26.59.

"The Power of Majora's Mask": This design is basically the epitome of Majora's Mask. You've got the Skull Kid dancing, the moon and Clock Town serving as his backdrop, with Tatl off to the side. It really shows what this game is about and how it's different from other Zelda games. This shirt was designed by , and you can buy it on RedBubble's website for $24.54.

"Greetings from Termina!": This design makes me smile. It's funny and makes light of the darker storyline of the game. This shirt by  is available on RedBubble's website for $25.56.

"Clocktown": Personally, I'm a bit of a sucker for shirts that mimic posters. This one features the annoying (but memorable) Kaepora Gaebora who appears (but is never specifically named) in Majora's Mask. It was designed by  and is available on RedBubble's website for $24.54.

"24 Hours Remain": This is the perfect shirt to finish off this list. It's another reference to the Majora's Mask's iconic three day structure which is one of my favorite parts of the game. This shirt, also by , is $23.52 on RedBubble's website.

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