Terraria [Dragon Slayer Nominee] – Most Passionate Fan Base

Terraria has been nominated for "Most Passionate Fan Base" at the Dragon Slayer Awards. Vote today!
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If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing Terraria go pick it up on Steam. It’s a wonderful game that has been surrounded by a loving community. The game doesn’t require too much in the way of computer specs, making it available to everyone.

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Although it doesn’t have much specs the game has delivered on a grand scale making it interesting and adventurous.

Terraria at E3 2013

At the recent E3, the creator of Terraria, Andrew Spinks, has been divulging that they will be attempting to create an iOS and console edition of Terraria available in the upcoming year. Many in the community were overwhelmed and feeling a bit distraught that they might be losing their PC game, fearing that the creator and developers at Terraria would push the PC game to the side in order to focus more on the upcoming projects. This had a very 50/50 split within the community. Some were feeling very hurt by the game being moved into new hardware while others welcomed it with open minds (and open wallets).

The Loving Community of Terraria Defends Their Game

For the community folks whom were against the console editions and iOS they weren’t shy to voice their opinions and try to make a difference for their peers. These loyal Terraria gamers accused creator Andrew Spinks of using money to build the new editions while letting their beloved PC version die. They also accused him of not keeping promises on developing updates for the PC version. Yet amid these accusations they still remained loyal to their game. They’ve been welcomed into this community and won’t be shoved out at the thought of a possible sequel on new hardware. They might get angry, but they stand as a community behind their copious hours of game time.

Dragon Slayer Awards

If you’re part of this dedicated and passionate community, know that you can vote for your game. The Dragon Slayer Awards have put in a nominee for Terraria as “Most Passionate Fan Base”, and you can vote up until September 2nd. You’ve stuck by with Terraria through the thick and thin, and nows your chance to win your award.

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