The 10 Best Community-Made CS:GO Weapon Skins in the Steam Workshop

Looking for the next must-have weapon skin in CS:GO before it comes out? Then look here.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is all about its mods, and it has become famous for having some beautiful (and ugly) weapon skins along in addition to its custom maps.

Valve adds more and more skins from the Steam Workshop to the game every couple of months via a new collection, but there are tons of new community-made skins added to the Workshop every week.

Here are the ten best skins in the Steam Workshop right now for CS:GO that we would like to see Valve add to the game.

1. P2000 | Green Carbon

A carbon fiber p2000 with a bright green accent color: what's not to love?

Thanks to the bright, almost pastel color, I think we could see this one a spring collection, provided enough people vote for the skin.

2. M4A1-S | Grimalkin

This is part of the Grimalkin collection created for the upcoming CS:GO Pit League.

According to the creator, the grimalkin will serve as the league's logo, and the proceeds from the skins will go to support the league itself.

So if you're into eSports, whether spectating or playing, this could be a good buy once it becomes available. And with a skin as beautiful as this, I doubt it will take long.

3. Desert Eagle | Aperture

If there had been a Deagle in Portal, it would have looked like this.

This Desert Eagle weapon skin captures the spirit and the color scheme of the Portal series perfectly, and is currently one of the most popular skins right now on the Steam Workshop for CS:GO.

4. AWP | Celestial Cell

If it ever comes to the game officially, I can definitely see people calling this the "AWP from heaven", thanks to this skin's name. 

The light blue hues in the hexagonal cells contrast perfectly with the pure black metal of this bolt-action sniper rifle, creating a great-looking gun that you'd want to have in your hands as you blast away the opposing team.

5. SG553 | Eagle Eye

I don't use the SG very much in CS:GO, but the next time I do, I hope I can use it with the Eagle Eye skin on it.

This skin includes a great color scheme that is bested only by the artwork.

6. M4A1-S | Crush

If the M4A1-S is your weapon of choice, this might become your skin of choice if it ever makes it into the game.

With the crush skin on your M4A1-S, you'll be making everyone type "RIP" in chat as you blast through the enemy team.

7. Glock18 | Spray

The glock is not most Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players' first, or even second, choice of pistols. But when they do have to use it, they want to use it in style. The Spray skin could help them do just that if it's ever included in the game.

8. p2000 | Flaming Eyeball

Looking to put some bullets through the enemies' eyes with the default Counter-Terrorist pistol? Then look no further than the Flaming Eyeball skin.

Inspecting this weapon after doming a couple of people would be a great way to taunt them.

9. p250 | Tenderness

You don't see too many purple and black skins in CS:GO, but I must admit that this p250 skin looks slick.

Between the contrasting bright purple and deep black and the intricate rings seemingly carved into the handle of the pistol to give it a wooden appearance, this gun looks great under the right lighting.

Unfortunately, it fell towards the bottom of this list because the purple is a bit too bright when the in-game sun shines right on it.

10. UMP-45 | Cascade

We are ending this list with a nice black and yellow UMP skin that will let you frag in style. It has an interesting linear design with the contrasting yellow painted on the traditional black color of the gun.

The yellow is bright, yet subtle enough to make it look very well done.

While not all too interesting, I couldn't leave this CS:GO skin off the list.

And there you have it folks, the ten best skins on the Steam Workshop right now for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

If you like them, you should definitely vote yes for them so that you can use them in-game as soon as possible, and make sure you stay tuned to GameSkinny for the latest and greatest CS:GO skins that hit the Workshop.