You have to admit, one of the BEST parts of BlizzCon is the cosplays. Boy did 2016 deliver. We compiled the best cosplayers you might have missed at BlizzCon 2016!

The 10 Best Overwatch Cosplays from BlizzCon 2016

You have to admit, one of the BEST parts of BlizzCon is the cosplays. Boy did 2016 deliver. We compiled the best cosplayers you might have missed at BlizzCon 2016!
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BlizzCon is by far the premiere event for anything and everything Blizzard. And what's the best part of BlizzCon, besides the panels, the competitions, and the announcements? The cosplay!

Being pretty big fans of Overwatch, we've sifted through lots of pictures from BlizzCon 2016 and picked out our favorite hero cosplays from the convention this year.

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Cosplay: Syless Necole
Photo: Tony Sirianni

Lots of talented cosplayers used their skills to bring our favorite Overwatch characters to life this year -- like the Mei cosplayer above who put outstanding detail into this costume. Not only did she encapsulate the Mei "look", but everything from the boots to the makeup is also spot-on.


Cosplayer: Unknown
Photo: Tony Sirianni

It's one thing to encapulate your favorite charater in their generic look, but it's a completely different story to build a costume based around a unique skin variation. Notice how this Nihon Genji cosplay was created with such accuracy that the armor and lights look shiny and 'real'.


Cosplay: Rian Synnth
Photo: Dapper Geek News

Gender bending cosplays are sometimes the funniest, and the most creative renditions around. This female Hanzo is no different. And just look at that bow!



Cosplay: Soni Aralynn
Photo: SaffelsPhotos

The best part about this Sombra cosplay is that there was a team working on it before the latest hero was even announced. The creators based this off of mere rumors and 'leaks' to get it done in time.


Tracer and Junkrat

Cosplay: Stacey Roy (Tracer), Shellshocked Cosplay (Junkrat)
Photo: Stacey Roy

Tracer is always a favorite when it comes to Overwatch cosplay. And Stacey Roy is flat out the master with this her character, given that it's her second BlizzCon cosplaying as the Brit. She rocks this look alongside a scarily accurate Junkrat, complete with grenades and bombs.

Overwatch Bunnies

Cosplay: sheenaoumElizabeth RageRian SynnthMilynn SarleyMaid of MightAlicia MarieReagan May.
Photo: dtjaaaam

The best part of cosplaying is you are free to make it your own! These ladies turned seven of the female Overwatch heroes into PlayBoy bunnies. 


Thunderbird Pharah

Cosplay: All Chued Up

As one of the most detailed skins in the game, this Thunderbird Pharah hit it out of the park! Can't imagine how many hours went into making that armor...


Double Zaryas

Cosplay: Oni Cosplay and Jechts Cosplay
Photo: Oni Cosplay

Two Zaryas are better than one right? This gender bender Zayra and regular Zarya here both did an outstanding job as the Russian solider -- not only with their costumes, but the props as well! 

Imp Mercy

Cosplay: Stella Chu
Photo: Dapper Geek News

We see another amazing skin variation cosplay in this Imp Mercy. The costume and props are amazingly detailed -- and those wings are rather impressive. 




While we couldn't fit ALL of the amazing cosplays we saw, these were some of the absolute best we found throughout BlizzCon this year. Which was your favorite? Were there any you saw that you think should be added? Let us know!

Doge Reaper and McCree

Photo: dtjaaaam

Who said cosplay is limited to humans?! This cute Reaper and McCree doge cosplay could be seen outside of BlizzCon throughout the event for maximum "awwww" effect.

What were some of your favorite Overwatch cosplays from BlizzCon 2016? Share photos in the comments below!

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