The 19 Best Minecraft Masterpieces

The 19 best Minecraft creations, chosen objectively by me.

Ever since Minecraft's inception in 2009, countless "Best of" lists have been created, all claiming to be definitive and objective. So that's what I'll promise you, too! And "19 Minecraft Masterpieces That-Are-Really-Good-but-Maybe-Not-the-Absolute-Best" is a terrible title.

This creation courtesy of Mrpops of PlanetMinecraft.

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AmbroseCE's Minecraft interpretation of M. C. Escher's famous Relativity. Yeah, I know, I started off with artwork. But so what? It's awesome. 

I love landscapes, and this Aurelien_Sama's landscape captures the essence of a classic landscape portrait, especially with its use of lighting. That sunset, though!

Disclaimer: I understand that the realistic sky/water are nonexistent within the Minecraft engine, but the work that went into including and implementing it in this piece is commendable.

The Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci, or in this case by Kigyar_69 and Unsterblicher. More art, but I find this one more comical than anything else. And I have no idea how any of these characters translate to the actual piece. That is a nice bowler hat for Jesus, though. 

Apparently I would understand better the magnitude of this piece if I knew anything about the Game of Thrones series, but I don't. Cue flame war. It is pretty, though! And it's part of WesterosCraft's endeavor to fully recreate the GoT universe within the Minecraft universe. 

And more Game of Thrones from WesterosCraft! Maybe I should consider watching this show. The set-pieces are phenomenal. 

Dragons! This piece is only one of several huge dragons that occupy an entire map titled "Dragon's Realm." It just happens to be the best of all of them. And this whole world was built on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft

Irrational Games's beautiful Columbia from BioShock: Infinite in pixelated Minecraft form, as imagined by Planet Minecraft's TheVoxelBox. The detail is just absolutely ridiculous. 

The Flavian Colosseum in all of its (former) glory. It's just too bad the creator (AndItsOllie) couldn't somehow implement lions and elephants, or include the phrase "Are you not entertained?!" 

Ludolik's artistic explanation for the crisis in Siberia. Seems legit.

Still photo from that Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock movie? Provided by XxPro219xX.

Alright, all jokes aside, this completely blows my mind. Titled "Parallel Worlds" by reddit user techz59

Fascinating. Seriously, shout-out to the creator (halnicholas) of Minecraft Enterprise, live long and prosper. Though I don't know you personally, in spirit I have been, and always shall be, your friend. 

Pirate islands: for when you want to get away, and when you need that booty. Oh the booty. Yargh! This piece, provided by DonnyHall, is included among other pirate-related Minesterpieces on PirateCraft.

I'm sure all of you were expecting this one--given that it's on basically every "Best of" list that's been made for Minecraft--but there's a reason it's on the lists: it's flipping fantastic. The symmetry alone elicits serious respect. Shout-out to Sanakan_Soryu for putting this together.

I just hope devatrox isn't expecting me to pick that up and put it on a suspension platform. 

As if there weren't enough reasons to be terrified of the eight-legged freaks. Is there no safe space, AM0nk3y?!

This still probably took less time than the legislative process. #politics #Olaf20

For those select few people who can't make it out to see the real thing, provided to you by mysource.

This creator? The hero Gotham deserves. 

[Edit] Replaced picture with one that's actually of Gotham, and the world LevelEpic created is very detailed and thorough, much better than the first version.

Looking through these slides, you might have thought one of two things.

1) "Wow those guys have way too much time on their hands."
2) "Wow those guys have way too much time on their hands; where can I sign up?"

Well it's easy! Just sign up on their website. The $26.95 that you'll pay is inconsequential when you consider how much time you'll put into this game.

And even for those who think they'll never create anything nearly as awesome as what you've just seen, just think: those people started exactly where you will.

Also, this creation brought to you by Bec Oakley.

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