Here are my five favorite songs from the Mario series, with two selections from Super Mario Galaxy.

The 5 best songs from the Mario series

Here are my five favorite songs from the Mario series, with two selections from Super Mario Galaxy.
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Everyone knows how important Mario is to the games industry. The Italian plumber made modern video games what they are. However, the level design and pristine controls are not the only factors that make Mario games great. The music and soundtracks from each game also play a big role in our Mario memories. 

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Here are my five favorite songs from the Mario series.

5. Comet Observatory – Super Mario Galaxy 

Comet Observatory is probably the most peaceful Mario song, at least in my opinion. For those who are unfamiliar, Comet Observatory is the tranquil song that plays in the Super Mario Galaxy hub world, and it becomes very catchy after hearing it multiple times.


4. Overworld Theme – Super Mario Bros.

This is probably the song you immediately think of when you think Mario. This song is special, and deserves to be on my list because it really feels like this is where Mario started. I do, however, feel like there are better songs in the series. That being said, this song is Mario.

3. Overworld Theme – Super Mario 3D World

(Song begins at around minute 10:48)

This song is phenomenal. Jazzy, light, fun, and perfect for its game, this song is just awesome. When playing Super Mario 3D World, this song got stuck in my head if I heard it even once. A very underrated song from a very underrated Mario game. 

2. Castle Theme – Super Mario World

This music is the quintessential castle music for any Mario game. Super Mario World’s Castle Theme has the perfect amount of spooky, peril, and adventure hidden within every note. You should play Super Mario World, because I think it is one of the best platfortmers ever, but also because the music is wonderful. 

1. Wind Garden – Super Mario Galaxy

Can you tell that I like Super Mario Galaxy? Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite 3D platformer of all time because the level design, mechanics, and music are all pristine. Wind Garden is absolutely beautiful, and does an excellent job at capturing the spirit of adventure, heroism, and exploration that come with Super Mario Galaxy

Those are my five favorite Mario songs, but which ones did I miss? There are plenty of good ones that didn’t make my list, so let me know which songs you really like!

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