These are the five Pokemon I love using in competitive play. They aren't all incredibly viable, but they are very fun to use.

The 5 most fun Pokemon for competitive play

These are the five Pokemon I love using in competitive play. They aren't all incredibly viable, but they are very fun to use.

Whenever I round up a team of my Pokémon and play with friends or just random people online, these are the monsters I love to use.

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Some of them aren’t necessarily great  builds, but they are still fun! Either way, I will give you the build for each Pokémon I list here.

5. Togekiss

Moveset: Airslash, Nasty Plot, Wish, Thunder Wave

Ability: Serene Grace  Nature: Calm

Item: Leftovers    EVs: Max out Sp. Def and Speed

I love using Togekiss because she is such a troll. At least the build that I use is. This moveset isn’t anything out of the ordinary for Togekiss, and I found the build a while back on Smogon. But, man, this Togekiss is annoying. Use Thunder Wave, if you can, to stun your opponent and then use Air Slash to continually make your opponent flinch while taking damage. The Leftovers will help Togekiss recover and allow her to keep attacking, and if you absolutely need to, you still have Wish to heal yourself. Have fun and happy flinching! 


4. Typhlosion

Moveset: Swift, Will-O-Wisp, Flamethrower, Eruption

Ability: Blaze     Nature: Timid

Item: Choice Scarf     EVs: Max out Sp. Atk and Speed

This is another really fun build, because Typhlosion has one of the most explosive fire type moves: Eruption. The Choice Scarf will increase Typhlosion’s already high speed, but lock him into using only one move. The gimmick here is to put Typhlosion in with full health and try to wreck your opponent with Eruption. Let it rain fire!!!


3. Mega Gengar

Moveset: Destiny Bond, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb

Ability: Levitate      Nature: Timid

Item: Gengarite     EVs: Max out Sp. Atk and Speed

This build is pretty standard for Gengar, but can come with some deadly results. Gengar is one of the fiercest Pokémon out there. He has a ton of Sp. Atk and Speed, so let’s use that to our advantage. Almost always immediately Mega Evolve, and then have at it. Will-O-Wisp is there to help your team and take out physical attackers (burning your opponent cuts their physical attacks in half). Destiny Bond can be used to take on a one for one, and Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb give you attack power with STAB.


2. Umbreon

Moveset: Toxic, Moonlight, Protect, Foul Play/Assurance

Ability: Synchronize    Nature: Calm

Item: Leftovers           EVs: Max out HP and Defense

Umbreon is not a great competitive Pokémon. But it is about fun, not necessarily about winning or having a team filled with overused Pokémon. That is why I encourage people to find Pokémon they really like, but also feel that they can win with. The great thing about Pokémon that aren’t used that often is that many people haven’t had experience battling against them. With Umbreon, use Toxic to poison your opponent and then wait it out. Umbreon is very tanky, so it can take a lot of damage. If it is worth attacking, go ahead, especially if it will prevent you from wasting PP on Protect or Moonlight.


1. Greninja

Moveset: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, U-turn, Grass Knot

Ability: Protean        Nature: Timid

Item: Focus Sash    EVs: Max out Sp. Atk and Speed

Greninja is a ninja frog so you pretty much have to use him. This is an example of where a Pokémon I really like and a strong competitive Pokémon intersect. Greninja is incredibly strong in competitive play, and has one of the best abilities in the game: Protean, which means he gets a same-type attack bonus (STAB) on every move. Protean alone means you have a strong Pokémon. Really the moveset can be interchangeable, so use whatever you like as long as they are Special Attacks and not Physical attacks. 


These are some of my favorite Pokémon to battle with, but what about you? Let me know in the comments what your favorite Pokémon to battle with is and why!

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