The 7 Strangest Moments from This Year’s Dragon Slayer Gaming Awards

Swords, cats and sharks, oh my! Some of the best (and strangest) highlights from the DSA show!

Swords, cats and sharks, oh my! Some of the best (and strangest) highlights from the DSA show!

Guild Launch just announced the winners of the Annual Dragon Slayer awards, and between the in-office footage and the winner’s acceptance videos, there are some seriously entertaining things going on.

00:22 – The Tardis is landing in one of the offices.

I guess the Doctor is a big gaming fan and wanted to be there for this monumental moment in history. I’m sure he didn’t try to change the outcome… Right, Doctor?

01:26 – That guy has a lot of swords. Not one. Not two. Four – Count ‘Em.

Clearly, the developers are ready for the coming invasion.

02:04 – The founder of Oculus VR shows off a teeny tiny Oculus Rift.

My rabbit will be so delighted to finally be able to play Harvest Moon in full 3D splendor.

“Not only is it a huge honor, it is the coolest f&$^#&$ trophy I have ever received”

04:30 – Rooster Teeth finds an innovative use for the sword portion of the Dragon Slayer Trophy.

Keep on innovating, Rooster Teeth team! Enjoy your dragon-thingie.

“The first and only trophy I’ve had to stab through the head”

06:03 – Wait for it… Wait for it… TotalBiscuit turns into a shark.

I’m not getting on a surfboard near that YouTube channel anytime soon.

10:03 – So that’s what Riot does on their lunch breaks.

That explains a lot, actually.

11:04 – Blizzard takes diversity to a new level.

They don’t stop at merely having a global Community Management team – oh no. They also have a panda bear and a cat on the team. That’s one forward thinking HR department right there.

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