The 8 Most Epic Minecraft Nintendo Creations

Celebrate the NES Classic Edition with these epic Minecraft Nintendo creations

Celebrate the NES Classic Edition with these epic Minecraft Nintendo creations
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The console that started it all has dropped and if you're a hardcore gamer then surely you didn't wait until Black Friday to try to grab the recently released NES Classic Edition.

At just $60 the miniature replica console was flying off the shelf and with good reason as the classic Nintendo is the hub for 30 of the most classic and retro games out there.

If you're still looking to get your hands on your very own mini replica, today's Black Friday so hopefully you'll have a chance to grab one before they're sold out but until then, let's celebrate the awesomeness of the NES with these epic Minecraft Nintendo creations.


Created by Panda203

While everyone is scrambling to get the NES Classic edition, don't forget that there are other classic Nintendo consoles out there. Such includes the classic Gameboy which was a lifesaver if you were stuck in the backseat during a roadtrip.

Creator Panda203 nailed this Minecraft replica. I mean, it is so good it makes you want to go and break out the real thing and play a game of Tetris.


Created by Willio-the-Nineteen

Nintendo is synonymous with our favourite red hat, overall wearing pixelated plumber so of course we had to include an epic pixel creation of Mario.

This creation is not only epic but adorable as Mario stands upon a mystery box way up in the sky giving his signature peace sign. Victorious indeed, great job Willio-the-Nineteen. 

Donkey Kong

Created by lilshizzy

There are so many classic and memorable scenes from NES games but hands down the challenging level of oil drums, barrels and fireballs from the original Donkey Kong has to be at the top of the list.

While the creation is missing Donkey Kong, this creative user did a fantastic job capturing the feel of the original game.

Chain Chomps

Created by Gojirayoshi

Admittedly, Chain Chomps are a pain in the you-know-what but when you're far away and have a chance to look at them, they're kind of cute. In fact, they're a whole lot easier to appreciate in the world of Minecraft when they are standing still and not hopping around the screen ready to end your game play.

Old School NES

Created by Bad Breaker

In case you forgot what the NES looked like and didn't have the time to Google, Planet Minecraft user Bad Breaker created a pretty awesome replica of the special edition mini console.

Not only did the create the console, but the controller as well. If that isn't enough for you they even threw in a life size game cartridge of Super Mario. Look at the detail on that label!

Hyrule Castle

Created by Kezsonaj

If you were to ever look around at Minecraft Nintendo creations, you will happen upon a bunch of Zelda inspired pieces but the Hyrule Castle created by Kezsonaj is just out of this world.

Believe it or not, this creation is just one of several in a full scale Zelda project that took a year to make and we see why.


Created by Panda203

There are plenty of game titles that you think of when you think of Nintendo. Such include Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong and even Zelda but you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn't mention PacMan. That's why included this epic game recreation.

Creator Panda203 makes another appearance on our list with their ridiculous full scale creation of the classic arcade game and if we could actually play it, we would.

Mega Man

Created by RadWalk

If you have never played a game of Mega Man, when you get your new NES Classic Edition, you need to make sure you play a round our two because this is a game with creative levels and bosses.

As a kid, I remember watching my Aunt play round after round of this, so it is great to see such an amazing Minecraft representation of it.

Weren't theses creations both nostalgic and awesome? We think so!

Now it's time for you to sound off in the comments. Are you planning on getting the NES Classic Edition? Or are you like some of us and still have your original console?