The Adventures of The Green Avenger – The Hero DayZ Deserves!

Join me for the episodic series: Adventures of The Green Avenger. Chernarus' newest valiant super hero.
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Who is The Green Avenger you ask?  Only the greatest superhero ever to walk the wastelands of Chenarus.  He is man who will look into the face of pure danger and yell, "CITIZEN!?"  A lighthouse in the dark tides of an apocalyptic ocean.  A vanquisher of all things evil. 

I present to you, YouTuber BanillaJoe's: Adventures of The Green Avenger (with my own custom episode titles!). 

Episode 1: Beatings and Enya

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Episode 2: A Man of Action

In this episode we find our hero in the midst of a quarrel with a glitching rooftop sniper.  Will he prevail?  Will justice be served?  Also, our hero courageously barters for his signature green helmet.

Episode 3: Not Safe for Work

In this episode, The Green Avenger is joined by Lirik -- an expletive wielding loudmouth who is "famous" for being a Dayz Streamer.  The two encounter a deadly standoff in the name of justice!

Episode 4: "I'm not friendly, please engage"

While on patrol, our hero becomes a target for a dastardly rooftop bandit.  Will The Green Avenger's cunning prevail? 

Episode 5: Fisticuffs

The Green Avenger punches crime in the noggin this episode.  Watch as he courageously defends the weak -- and stay tuned until the end where TGA meets his newest foe: The Closer. 

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