SWC 2016 turned out some pretty sweet cosplays, even if they weren't pro.

The best cosplays of SMITE World Championships 2016

SWC 2016 turned out some pretty sweet cosplays, even if they weren't pro.
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SMITE World Championships 2016

Hi-Rez Studios made a point of not inviting pro cosplayers to this year's cosplay contest so that they could give away more in prize money. Pro or not, though, there was some seriously amazing craftsmanship on display.

On this page, we'll have Bronze Tier and Silver Tier contest winners. Best in category winners and Best in Show winners will appear on the following slides.

Bronze Tier Winners - $300 each

From left to right:

Jeffrey Kelley as The King Bacchus

Vanessa Pagaduin as Isis

Shelby Davis as Lunar Tango Chang'e

Rachel Augustine as Bucchanieth

Katie Eberhard as Mischievous Neith

Ashley Fuller as Ms. Diagnosis Neith

Silver Tier Winners

From left to right:

Amanda Skies as Kawaii Pop Bastet - $800

Samantha Moody as Furiona - $500

Nyxx as Diva Aphrodite - $800

Carver Fisher as Nerd Rage Cabrakan - $1000

Zane Gholson as Archon Thanatos - $1500

Bonus picture of Archon Thanatos

Too bad @uglycatlady wasn't able to compete, because Hi-Rez's David would've stolen the show.

Photo credit: Hi-Rez Studios (top image only)



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"Most Creative"

Cody Harris as Geb from the Egyptian Pantheon won $500. The waterfall and trees on his back were an exact replica of the SMITE god. When he walked into the judging room, both doors had to be held open AND he has to sidle in sideways to fit.

Photo credit: Hi-Rez Studios

"Best Prop"

Haiden Hazard as Bellona from the Roman pantheon won $500. Bellona was a player favorite in most of the matches played at SWC and this Bellona paid tribute to that favoritism with painstakingly handcrafted everything, down to the weathering on her cape.


Photo credit: Leo Photography

"Best Workmanship"

Cameron Pourhassan as Urrl from the Norse pantheon won $1000. Again, the attention to detail was astounding. The only thing missing from this Urrl were his hatchets.


Photo credit: Leo Photography

"Best in Show - 3rd Place"

Jennifer Barclay as Nox from the Roman Pantheon won $2000.

You may recognize her from Dragoncon and other cosplay events, where she often judges. Nox spent about a month and a half completing this work of art, which is as spot-on as you can get for the Goddess of the Night. Excellence is to be expected, though, as she's got about 17 years of costuming under her belt.

See more of her on her DeviantArt.


Photo credit: Hi-Rez Studios


"Best in Show - 2nd Place"

Bradley Enderson as Star Slayer Anhur from the Egyptian pantheon won $2500.

Bradley has been costuming for about 2 years now. He had it flown in from his home in Nebraska and spent every night before the SWC cosplay contest putting the finishing touches on his costume in his hotel room, after already spending a few hundred (yes, few HUNDRED) hours on it. See more on Twitter @Bradiatore.


Photo credit: Hi-Rez Studios

"Best in Show - 1st Place"

Seraph Cosplay as Sock Pupetyr from the Norse pantheon won $3000. Jessie has been creating these masterpieces for 6 years. When a costume is too big for her, she has her husband, Daniel wear it (he's gotta be at least 6'8"). This particular costume took about 250 hours of work. The sword alone weighs about 15 pounds. The level of detail is astounding. When the sock puppet was removed, there was even a bandaged stump just like on the character skin.

Check out more of Jessie's artwork on her website

Follow her on Twitter: @seraphcosplay


You can't miss HiRez David's reaction GIF(below).

Photo credit: Hi-Rez Studios (top), Leo Photography (bottom)

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