We all secretly go to conventions to ogle the cosplay. Check out some of the highlights from MomoCon!

The Best of MomoCon 2016 Cosplay: Video Game Edition

We all secretly go to conventions to ogle the cosplay. Check out some of the highlights from MomoCon!
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Let's all be honest. Apart from amazing panels, celebrity appearances, art and announcements, we also love attending conventions for the cosplay. At MomoCon 2016 in Atlanta, games, movies and animes were well represented by convention goers, and we're here to share some of our favorites. 

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We were stoked to see Halo represented with this awesome cosplay of Master Chief. 

100% BAMF

 Katamari Damacy

It's always fun to see cosplay for those weird games that become cult classics. The Prince's Cousins, Kuro and Opeo, were in the house at MomoCon representing Katamari Damacy

Kuro (the guy on the left) had all of his poses down pat! 


A fun aspect of cosplay is taking existing characters and adding a new spin to them. These three PacMan ghosts took their fandom to the next level and designed their costumes to mimic astronaut ghosts from a t-shirt design/short story called The Madness of Mission 6. It's a totally worth the three-minute read. The shirt is available for purchase here. 

So much more intimidating than the ghosts in retro PacMan.

Super Mario Bros.

Mario and Luigi are two of the most recognizable video game characters out there. Props to this plumbing duo for putting a steampunk spin on a classic cosplay. 


Though we expected a lot more Overwatch cosplay at MomoCon, we were happy to see Tracer protecting the Mystery Machine. We would have loved to see the infamous butt pose, though. 

Star Wars: Battlefront

Stormtroopers, Shadowtroopers, and Imperial TIE Pilots galore. There's nothing half as satisfying as Star Wars cosplay done right. 

[Ebony and Ivory...er..wait.]

[Shadow Troopers look so damn cool]

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2's Pyramid Head is symbolic just as much as it is creepy. These Pyramid Head cosplays were on point. (Get it? On point?)


 Dark Souls

We all know that Dark Souls is supposed to be hard AF, and we were excited to see our favorite knight still standing. We must have caught him between boss fights. 

I wonder if he beat the tutorial.

Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 

Kitana, Jade and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat and a guest appearance by Street Fighter's Vega makes for one epic team of ass whoopin'. 

Dragon Age: Inquisition 

You can never go wrong with cosplaying a knight from this wildly popular fantasy RPG.

Final Fantasy

No convention would be complete without the presence of some Final Fantasy badassery. We also love Princess Peach's unintentional photobomb. 


This game took the indie world by storm, so we knew we'd run into some Mettatons and Comic Sans. 

It's all about the ratings, baby. 


One wouldn't think a game about squids, aka Inklings, and colorful paint would be a hit, but this game is definitely a lot of fun. We're just glad the Splatoon cosplayers we came across didn't start a turf war. 


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