The Best of #RuinAVideoGameCharacter

@midnight, a self-professed "late night game show thing," made waves on Twitter by introducing a hashtag contest challenging participants to #RuinAVideoGameCharacter. Here's a roundup of the best responses.

@midnight, a self-professed "late night game show thing," made waves on Twitter by introducing a hashtag contest challenging participants to #RuinAVideoGameCharacter. Here's a roundup of the best responses.

A new sensation has erupted in the Twitter-verse after late night game show @midnight introduced the hashtag war of the day– #RuinAVideoGameCharacter.

The contest challenged participants to corrupt their favorite video game protagonists (examples included Fresh Prince of Persia and Lara Kraft Macaroni and Cheese) using a play on words, edited images, and whatever else viewers could think of.

The responses, as you can imagine, were nothing short of hilarious. There were, however, a few that stood out among the rest. 


Kratos: God of Ballet-Pointless Mako

Leave it to the delicate art of ballet to demasculinize the mighty Kratos of the God of War series.

Twitter user, Pointless Mako, uncovered Kratos’ true passion by revealing what the God of War 3 box art should have looked like. 


Chris Brown’s Super Punch Out -Sean McMann

In a comical reference to the ever-popular subject of celebrity drama, one Twitter user’s rebuttal is, quite frankly, award winning.

Sean McMann cleverly combines Punch Out!!, a boxing game popularized by Nintendo, with Chris Brown’s notorious accusation of domestic abuse. 


Legendary Doges -Cody

Assuming you weren’t living under a rock for the last six months, I’m sure anyone would recognize the infamous Doge meme that has been sweeping across our monitors.

Although the meme has deep set roots, dating back all the way to 2005, various renditions have been exploding across the aggressive information sharing network that is the internet.

Here, Cody shares a Doge meme with three legendary, dog-like Pokemon, Entai, Raikou, and Suicine. The original image creator is unknown. 

Much meme, so clever, wow. 


Sonic the Crispy Hedgehog Burger -E.J. Coughlin

I just got hit right in the childhood after I witnessed E.J. Coughlin’s troubling new menu item for Sonic, the American drive-in franchise– you guessed it, Sonic the Hedgehog.

This spikey, blue advocate for chaos emeralds everywhere, first made popular in a 1991 release for the Sega Genesis, will be dashing his way right into the mouths of the hungry in his newest role, the Crispy Hedgehog Burger. 


Judith Grimes, the Womb Raider -Rick F*cking Grimes

All fans of The Walking Dead should hold on to their zombie apocalypse weapons, because this rendition would make any supporter proud.

Judith Grimes, a baby in the television show, was born to the wife of main character, Rick Grimes, but causing the untimely demise of Lori Grimes.

Thus, Judith the Womb Raider was born! Using their ultra, super powers, Judith, Rick, and Carl have dedicated their lives to fighting zombies, and the forces. of. Terminus. 


Halo’s Master Chef -TrivWorks

This is one we all saw coming, but is just as humorous nonetheless.

Popular hero from the Halo series, Master Chief shows off his true passion in TrivWorks’ depiction of this timeless champion.

Saving the world can wait until the croissants are a crispy, golden brown. 


Collect Call of Duty: Modern Welfare -Kevin Torres

Kevin Torres takes a comical spin on the beloved Call of Duty franchise, that no one has dared witness to before.

In the newest title of the series, Collect Call of Duty: Modern Welfare, participants can play as a World War II soldier, as he makes multiple phone calls by pressing “0,” and then following the subsequent operator’s instructions. 


That’s so Raiden -Matt Munroe

Disney Channel fans will rejoice when they stumble upon this brilliant response by Matt Munroe, connecting popular 2003 television show, That’s So Raven with Mortal Kombat‘s thunder god, Raiden.

This program follows a teenage Raiden through the trials and tribulations of high school, overcoming social obstacles and deciding which after-school-program is the right fit for him.

He knows that big, straw, Chinese hats aren’t exactly going to increase his popularity, but what’s wrong with a little individuality? 


What Did the StarFox Say? -bill marley

If the random screeches of the infamous “What Did the Fox Say?” song didn’t just flood into your brain like a horde of zerglings, I don’t know how attuned to pop culture you are.

Bill Marley’s comeback to the hashtag battle was flawless, after mashing the track that put Norwegian comedy duo, Ylvis, on the map with Nintendo’s Star Fox series.

Now creatures from all over the galaxy can be singing along with this atrocious record all the way to the planet of Corneria.

Show me your moves!


Not Angry, Just Disappointed Birds -Jonathan Rushing

Jonathan Rushing treads on the fragile subject of arguments with your significant other, with his retaliation to the hashtag challenge.

The phrase “I’m not angry, just disappointed,” has been voted the worst sentence to possibly declare in any altercation.

Combining this expression with the beloved mobile game, Angry Birds, partners everywhere will be tossing their phones and running in the opposite direction. 


Solid Snake’s on a Plane -Steve Maverick

Solid Snake is going where no other character has gone before– on a snake-infested plane in the company of Samuel Jackson. 

The newest title to the Metal Gear Solid series will be featuring this revered hero to face his most terrifying foe.

Players will have to befriend the multitudes of snakes by asking them to politely turn off their overhead lights, and making sure we aren’t kicking their seats. 


Assassin’s Favorite Band is Creed -Lee Hardin

Ezio defeats his foes with the power of the With Arms Wide Open chorus.

Possibly the most horrifying rendition of a game character yet, Lee Hardin introduces the brand new Assassin’s Creed, a musical number where the main character serenades the streets of Italy.

Wielding no weapon other than his voice and his iPod speakers, a misunderstood Ezio defeats his foes with the power of the With Arms Wide Open chorus. 


Gordon Morgan Freeman -Tyrone Anderson

To wrap up this hilariously entertaining compilation, Valve is in for a surprise after Tyrone Anderson has altered its famous first-person shooter, Half-life, to feature a much more majestic and deeper-voiced protagonist.

With the main character, Gordan Freeman, being swapped out for prestigous actor, Morgan Freeman, I hereby claim that on this day Mr. Anderson has won the internet.

Imagine the narration!

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The Best of #RuinAVideoGameCharacter

Midnight, a "late night game show thing," has started the Twitter epidemic: #RuinAVideoGameCharacter. Here are 11 of the best rebuttals.