The Bodacious Jeoffrey Of Hummustopia

Hello! I would like to introduce Jeoffrey. He likes hummus and is entering the GW2 Fashion Competition! Come check him out and like if you like Hummus too!
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Hi, I am Jeoffrey and I like hummus. What is there to say about such a magnificent substance we all call Hummus, the sweet taste of mashed chickpeas and–  Oh but I digress, forgot that this post was about my awesometacular outfit.

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(This picture was taken while I was eating a bowl of deep-friend hummus from the shady vendor in Lion’s Arch.)

(This was the time when the local Kodan tried to sell me Nutella instead of Hummus.)

To Obtain This Outfit You Must Have:

  • The title of Hummus Overlord. (I keed. I keed.)
  • 350 Badges of Honor for the Invaders Helm and Chest
  • 660 Symbols of Koda from HOTW for the Hands, Legs, and Feet
  • 20 Gold for Norn T3 Cultural Shoulders
  • 600 Gems for Rox’s Quiver (No longer available.)

Why Does This Outfit Appeal To Me?

It has that inherently creepy, “I’m going to stab you to death with my fabulous Jade weapons” look which is the first thing I consider when picking out a outfit. On a side note, most of the pieces are cheap but will take time to grind tokens and badges for.

What Do You Like To Do? (This isn’t an actual contest question but I’m going to answer anyway!)

I usually spend my days trying to convince the local Asurans to craft me a saddle that would fit on Quaggan so I could ride one into the sunset! Like really Arenanet you guys should add mixed species like a half-charr, half- slyvari! Bwaha, I also enjoy long walks on Orrian beaches and hosting bonfire parties in Caledon Forest. ๐Ÿ˜€

(This is the time when I somehow woke up on a pillar in the middle of Mount Maelstrom thinking that someone tried to steal my portable jar of Hummus.)

(One final picture of my photogenic self!)

Hope you enjoyed my entry and remember to check out all the other amazing entries! P.S. Totally not going to bribe you guys with Hummus if you comment and like on mine ๐Ÿ˜‰

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