The Brothers Rapture: a Fanmade Bioshock Short Film

A student group from Vancouver has put together a Bioshock fan film entitled the Brothers Rapture.
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In the video above, you can get a glimpse of the upcoming Bioshock fan film the Brothers Rapture. This fan fiction in film form was made by a group of Canadian students from the Vancouver Film School.

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The Brothers Rapture is set in the Bioshock universe “before the underwater city of Rapture collapsed beneath itself…” It is not based off of the events from the first game.

From watching the trailer, it seems like the team did a pretty good job at recreating the city. The effects seem to be much better than I would expect from a fan film.

On the team’s FAQ on their Facebook page, they said that permission to make a Bioshock film was easy to get. I’m surprised because many companies slam fan made projects with cease-and-desist letters before they even finish them. So, kudos to 2K Games and Take-Two Interactive for supporting this.

The Brothers Rapture is set to be released on May 13th, 2013. Even though I’m not a huge Bioshock fan, I’m excited to take a look at the film. It looks like a lot of effort and passion was poured into this.

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