The Crow’s Eye Isn’t Afraid to Go on Holiday

3D2 Entertainment show off plot, graphics, and their grasp of the American-potty-mouth system!
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The Crow’s Eye. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then check out the first teaser video and this exclusive interview; you’ll be up to speed.

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3D2 Entertainment has just released a second teaser video, running in real-time on pre-alpha code. In it we are verbally introduced to two characters; foul-mouthed Robert Kansas who seems close to ‘forced retirement’, and his police chief.

I personally like this brief introduction – it shows us the language, tone, and location we’re going to see during our time playing The Crow’s Eye.

What Is Going Down?

Another student, Jack Meiwes, has gone missing from the local Crowswood County University and Kansas doesn’t seem to bothered. “Kiddos running off with their folks’ money,” is his reason. Maybe that is why he is out of chances?

His chief assigns him both the case and a partner, insert the “I work better alone” cliché. The assignment is a personal favour from the Chief to the officer assigned? Or maybe the headmaster who contacted the Chief?

The video does a fantastic job of providing a few plot details, showing us a glimpse of the engine, and introducing us to one of the main characters of The Crow’s Eye. I for one can’t wait to see more!

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