Final Fantasy 7 has impacted so many lives, so how did the teaser trailer for its remake impact us?

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is More Than Just Another Remake

Final Fantasy 7 has impacted so many lives, so how did the teaser trailer for its remake impact us?
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It was just a little hint; a single spark that ignited all my memories as a kid playing the game that helped me to fall in love with video games and the series itself. When I saw that Final Fantasy 7 is getting a remake, It overwhelmed me with feelings of joy.

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How long have I, and other gamers been waiting for this moment? I’ve been wanting a remake for about a decade now, slightly convinced that it was never going to happen. But it did happen, and for us that grew up playing Final Fantasy 7, we know that this is more than just a simple video game.

What makes this game so unique, so special, is that it encompasses all the aspects that make a video game a true masterpiece. It has dynamic characters, an intense and wonderful battle system, a compelling story, memorable moments galore, challenging monsters/bosses, fun mini-games, and an ending that leaves you speechless. Whenever I finish playing Final Fantasy 7, it feels like I just finished a good book, like I’m saying goodbye to a friend. 

But that’s what great video games do. They impact your life, though you can’t explain how.

The reason so many people say The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the greatest game ever made is because they feel this way. Final Fantasy 7 is another one of those games that to many people is that type of game. It’s one of the greats.

So it may have been a simple teaser trailer, not even two minutes long. But after ten years of hoping and praying, this news is the best feeling in the world. We have to wait until 2017, but I can wait that long. I can wait another two years because it’ll be worth it. I and the rest of us die-hard fans can wait because it’s the only remake we’ve ever really wanted. Because to us it’s more than just a game, it’s part of our lives.

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