The Five Most Ridiculous Outfits Ever Worn in a Video Game

The top five most ridiculous outfits ever worn in a video game

The top five most ridiculous outfits ever worn in a video game

Fashion is something that has always interested me. As an actor, I was always interested in dressing up in outlandish costumes to play parts. As an artist, I’m always looking for new and unique styles to dress my characters in. And when it comes to video games, It’s always about how ostentatious I can make my characters look. But, like in real life, fashion faux pas can still happen in video games.


So, here I’ve comprised a list of the top five most ridiculous outfits ever worn in a video game. And as a side note, I’ve taken the high road and stayed away from the easy choices of women in leotards or skimpy clothing. (That’s it’s own article right there…)


The art in this article is my own. If you would like to see more, head on over to my Tumblr.


#5. Nooj – Final Fantasy X-2


It’s a Final Fantasy game. These games are ripe for the picking on flashy, eccentric outfits that seem to serve no purpose other than to make everyone stare in awe at how colorful and awkward they are. Nooj’s outfit here is a work of art in that regard. Bright and colorful, and with a handful of different pieces of clothing stitched together, and topped off with the signature Final Fantasy useless-belt-syndrome; this outfit is truly outlandish. It always makes me wonder if they came up with this character by taking different limbs off of various action figures, and sticking them all on one torso.


I’m not even going to mention that hair..

#4 Zack – Dead or Alive series

Look at that, and tell me that’s not ridiculous. One of Zack’s alternate costumes is a Teletubby. Now, I know fighting games are just as well known for outrageous and erratic costumes as Final Fantasy games, but Zack takes the cake as far as I’m concerned. Why one would choose to fight in a metallic, latex costume with a led screen on their chest is beyond me (imagine the chafing). And, this isn’t his only strange costume either, as Zack here is quite possibly the only Dead or Alive character to ever wear a bra…


#3 Grant – Castlevania Judgment


Oh Grant, what have you done with yourself? Originating from Castelvania 3, and looking like a normal bandit, or perhaps a pirate, Grant was an astoundingly normal looking guy.

Lookin’ normal there, Grant.


Maybe that wasn’t enough for him. Maybe he wanted to stand out and be noticed, rivaling Camilla in idiosyncratic outifts. In Castlevania Judgment, Grant seems to have dyed his hair, strapped on as much leather as he could find, and then topped it all off by wrapping himself in about ten rolls of toilet paper.



#2 – Kefka – Final Fantasy 6

Ah, the second character from a Final Fantasy game on this list. Though, with Kefka, I find myself struggling to make jokes, not because I can’t think of any (the man is a damn clown) but because Kefka is quite possibly one of my favorite video game character designs of all time, and most certainly my favorite Final Fantasy villain. A man who can paint his face like a clown, and throw on as many strips of clothing as possible (all while keeping with an astonishing color scheme), and still be as deviously evil and malicious as possible deserves loads of praise in my book.

 Seriously, drawing this, I lost track of which piece of clothing was which countless times.


#1 – Voldo – Soul Calibur series 

In what should come to no surprise with those familiar with the character, Voldo walks away with the number one spot for most ridiculous costume. An apparent bondage fetishist, Voldo is a man who is certainly not shy in showing off his pasty, plump rump, and a penchant for eye-catching and mind-boggling cod pieces. Seriously, in his fuzzy purple and orange spider costume, which in itself is pretty ridiculous, the man has a spider head for a codpiece. A freakin’ spider head codpiece!


The ridiculousness of his costumes, however, are amplified ten fold when paired with his gauche and mesmerizing body gyrations. As Voldo twists, and turns, and rolls, and spins, we are treated to the pleasure of seeing every bit of his body, whether we wanted to or not. Voldo is not only the king of ridiculous outfits, but the also the ultimate tease.




And there you have it, my list for the most ridiculous outfits ever worn in video games. Agree with me? Disagree with me? Have another character you think should have made the list? Leave a comment below and tell me!

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