The Game Theorists Break Down the Theories of Our Favorite Games

The Game Theorists examine the many theories of our favorite games.

The Game Theorists examine the many theories of our favorite games.

One thing that I always loved reading is the different theories behind the games I play. Yes, some theories that fans come up with are ridiculous and lack evidence or reason… but then the Game Theorists step in.

But sometimes theories behind my favorite games come up that make sense

These theories have credible evidence behind them. I have read great fan theories on games such as Portal, Shadow of the Colossus, and the Final Fantasy series. I was glad when I found the YouTube channel, The Game Theorists.

The Game Theorists is a YouTube channel that does exactly what their name suggests: they come up with theories about our favorite games. And these are not just crackpot where-did-that-come-from theories; many of the theories that The Game Theorists come up with are credible. There is evidence from the games that The Theorists use to back up the ideas being presented. Yet, The Theorists understand that these are only theories in their tagline: “Hey, it’s just a bunch of theories. Game Theories!”

The Game Theorists not only use content from the games, but also real life science and theories. This really helps show inspiration for the games being examined, and helps bring credibility to the ideas being presented on the channel. It is interesting to see some discussion about some Pokémon, like whether or not some species of Pokémon are racist. It is also interesting to theorize that The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is possibly inspired by the five stages of grief and Link is actually dead. 

While I love many of the videos, and love the evidence used to back up the ideas being presented, I do have to say that some of these ideas are stretched thin. The episode about The Angry Video Game Nerd felt a little far for me, as they try to medically diagnose a fictional character. Not all of the ideas are completely sound, but the channel does get a lot right when it comes to the ideas they are sharing.

Overall, The Game Theorists is an entertaining channel that presents many great ideas.

And unlike many game theories, many of their episodes have sound evidence presented to help back up everything they come up with. If you enjoy reading sound game theories as I do, The Game Theorists is an interesting channel to check out.

You can find their channel here.

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