The Gamer Gift Guide: 8 Tabletop Accessories Under $25

Looking for that perfect tabletop gift for your GM (or your players)? Look no further - here is a list of tabletop accessories that will light up the room without lightening your wallet.

Looking for that prized gift for that special someone?  Your game master (or game host) will love these accessories to their gaming table!

We all have that friend who can never seem to keep their rolls on the table.  Stop looking for their wayward dice and wrestling them away from the cat - the walls prevent them from straying too far (unless you have a hugely energetic player who wants to try and bounce their dice out), and keeps them in plain view where everyone can see!

Conveniently available on Amazon: 12 Inch Octagonal Wooden Dice Tray  

You can never go wrong with Chessex.  Firstly, this mat is reversible - one side is 1' squares, the other is 1' hexes, which I personally prefer.  Secondly, you can draw on it (with the right markers!  No sharpies, you scoundrel), so you can give a quick visual representation of where the players are without trying to sketch it out on a tiny graph pad or on the overpriced one-time large pads.

And thirdly, there is something satisfying about rolling out the mat and telling everyone "Place your characters... and roll Initiative."

Conveniently available on Amazon: Chessex Battlemat Double-Sided Reversible Mat  

Some gamers claim that you can never have enough dice... and they're absolutely right.  Chessex understands this, which is why they bring us their greatest offering: the pound o' dice.

Conveniently available on Amazon: Pound-O-Dice  

What's better than a GM Screen?  A customizable GM Screen.  This particular tri-paneled offering lets the GM print off the information he or she wants to have at hand, then slip it into the pockets.  Best of all, the pockets on the player-facing side can show useful information (or the traditional game scenes, if that's how you want to play it).

Available on Amazon! Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen  

Fire markers are some of the most-often used tokens in my games - between fireball-lobbing wizards and grenade-lobbing soldiers, it's a wonder anything can survive!  (Okay, let's be honest - most things don't.)

Gale Force Nine puts out a solid little set for about $12 on their Accessories page.

After the fires from those wizards and/or grenades die out, there is still smoke rising to hinder visibility and otherwise cause issues for the players and NPCs.  Like the last slide, Gale Force 9 puts out a handy set of tokens to show the fog of war (or just regular fog).  These can be bought on their Accessories page as well!

If you're feeling lucky, you can always offer your game master a new, improved critical hit chart in the form of GameMastery's Critical Hit Deck!  It's more d20-oriented than most, but can be converted over for other games as well.

Amazon has it for sale here: Gamemastery Critical Hit Deck  

Likewise, those brave at heart could offer the game master a Critical Fumble deck - same basic premise, but if you fail badly you run the chance of having something go terribly, terribly wrong! 

Amazon carries these as well: Critical Fumble Deck (Gamemastery)