The Gamer Gift Guide: Gifts for the Girly Gamer

For those girl gamers in your life that love pink.

Not every gal likes that touch of pink, but for some girl gamers, they really want that spark of femininity on their gaming gear. For some women, there's nothing wrong with a little bit of pink. 

Treat your favorite gamer this holiday season with these great pink-themed gamer gifts. 

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While there are some really great (and more intensive) customization kits for most standard controllers that we'll go over later, the simplest route is to just buy a pink controller. 

With a controller, almost always buy from the company. Due to a variety of hardware patents, buying an official controller is usually the way to go. There are a couple of manufacturers of decent off-brand controllers, but it's usually better to bet on the official ones. 

Pink controllers are available for just about every older console, including Xbox 360 (pictured above), PS3, and Wii. Pink versions of the current gen consoles controllers don't appear to be out yet. 

If your giftee is both an awesome gamer and say, a baker or cook, then consider a pretty awesome handmade apron, like the ones from Etsy seller darkballoons.

She sells a variety of pink and frilly gamer related aprons, including this Princess Peach apron, Princess Daisy, Kirby, and Princess Zelda, as well as some less pink varieties. You can check out her Etsy store here

Game themed jewelry can also be a great gift. Places like Etsy are full of great handmade jewelry options, including this Piece of Heart Zelda necklace from Etsy seller Pendant Crafts. 

You can check this necklace out at this Etsy store

So your girl gamer is a huge fan of League of Legends? For a LoL player, there's probably no better gift than Riot Points. 

Riot Points are one of the two in game currencies in League, and allow you to buy skins like the one above (Popstar Ahri). 

You can buy Riot Points at your neighborhood game store, through League of Legends itself, or at Amazon.

Nerdy cosmetics! Previously featured on Gameskinny, Geek Chic Cosmetics makes vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free loose mineral eyeshadows, foundations and blushes -- inspired by geeky obsessions.

For the gamer, they have a wide variety of inspired products, including Mass Effect inspired eyeshadows. 

You can check out their online shop here

Console skins can also be a great way to go. For a wide variety of consoles and phones, there's always the site Decal Girl, which offers a vast array of skins -- including a set of Disney princesses, and my personal favorite, this Ariel skin

You can shop Decal Girl here

There are a wide variety of controller mods available for Microsoft and Playstation consoles. The DIY kits can be a bit more reasonably priced, but a well built, custom controller can set you back between $80-150. 

If you're looking for a large selection of modified controllers, a great place to look is Evil Controllers. They have a "Girl Gamer' bundle, as well as a vast selection of feminine themed controllers

What are your frilly, girly gamer gift ideas? Share them in the comments below. 

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