The Greatest Gaming Experience I Ever Had

What made me passionate about video games? Well read on my friend!

What made me passionate about video games? Well read on my friend!
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I believe there is one moment for every gamer out there that is extremely remarkable. Something priceless that made you love video games even more, something that made you see opportunities to do things you could not do in real life (or at least what is extremely hard to do in real life).
The Beginning

I’ve played video games almost my entire life but almost half of it wasn’t serious gaming. For example when I was about 5 or 6 years old I picked up the PS2 and was having the time of my life. I kept buying games for it non-stop. But unfortunately when I got to the age of approximately 8 or 9 it stopped working.

I was extremely sad. I stopped playing games for a couple of years when my dad bought me an HP laptop. Of course this laptop wasn’t built for gaming but there wasn’t really anyone to stop me now was it? I bought Batman Arkham: City and was playing it for hours and hours every day. I just loved it. 

Heartbroken X2

But that one day which I knew would come, finally arrived. My laptop broke. Once again I was devastated. It overheated and the CPU broke. I don’t really know what happened, but I do know I was really sad. So I invested in parts for a real gaming PC and built it with my dad. It was working superbly. Now this is the part where the moment of my serious gaming began.

That moment…

I was watching YouTube one day and saw a game called Assassin’s Creed II. I got more and more interested in it so I bought the game. I barely knew anything about it. I installed the game and was very excited. Little did I know it was to become my most beloved video game franchise of all time. I experienced the architecture of Italy and began to grow an interest in history. But my favorite part of the entire game was the parkour and free-running. I was stunned by the concept of being able to leap from building to building as if it was like walking on the street. So many different interests started to grow, history, geography, architecture, language and biggest of them all parkour.

How it influenced me in real life.

In school I began to imitate the moves I had learnt from Assassin’s Creed II. Everyone was wondering what in the world I was up to. Suddenly a couple of guys joined me. We began to master the arts of parkour. We were able to take short cuts in school by climbing over walls, vaulting over railings and jumping from area to area without even trying. 

These guys started to become my best friends and with time they started talking to me about video games. It appears that these guys also liked video games. One of these guys introduced me to a couple of his friends who also liked video games.

It finally got to me.

Everything started to become more and more clear. I love video games. I love talking and writing about video games. That is when my serious gaming began. I actually bought an Xbox and started playing both console and PC. My first ever game on the Xbox was GTA V. I was lucky enough to be able to convince my parents into letting me play the game. I do consider myself mature for my age, very mature indeed. And of course I had heard of the Grand Theft Auto series before but I never had the chance to actually play on of the games in the series.

I had played open world games before, like Skyrim, but GTA was a totally different thing. It wasn’t in the past. Skyrim is an RPG-style game and GTA is not. So my greatest gaming experience definitely is when I played Assassin’s Creed II because if I didn’t play it I wouldn’t have all the great things I have today related to my biggest hobby, gaming. 

This was basically how I started my serious gaming and how and when I realised that I loved video games. It’s now my biggest hobby and I just love spending time around video games and playing them. Thank you for reading.

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