The Importance of Customization to Me

Why I think character customization is important.
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Customization is a very important thing to me. I get annoyed when I see 52 bazillion people playing the same design for a character. I mean most multiplayer games have some customization but I’ve not seen any game go as far as Final Fantasy XIV. I have seen at least 30 variations of the same model that I used during the beta. That pleases me because I was using a less popular model.

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TERA’s customization

I would love to see more MMOs follow in Final Fantasy XIV’s footsteps as far as customization. The only game that I can think of that matches XIV’s level is Tera. I enjoy playing Tera for that reason too, however most people just use the standard models in Tera so the players aren’t using the options. TERA offers several costume items that make up for the lack of player customization usage.

High hopes for a future game

I haven’t played The Elder Scrolls Online yet, I haven’t been lucky enough to get into the beta. I am actually expecting The Elder Scrolls Online to support a large character customization. We shall see I guess, here’s to hoping Bethesda doesn’t let me down.

Why I want to see more customization

The more customization available, the more believable the world is. I play games to distract myself from life. I need games that feel somewhat believable, so that I can just lose myself in them. Seeing 100 characters that look just like mine in 10 minutes is not believable. So developers please make more games that are customizable so that I can enjoy them!

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