The Iron Alchemist

Fluid and Fire. Iron and Intellect.

Fluid and Fire. Iron and Intellect.

Atlas Krayn

With the sun shining down upon her, a Krytan Engineer finds herself becoming one with the machines of the Iron Legion.  

Eagle Eye Goggles – (Antique Gold, Clay, Deep Maple)  
Ascalonian Leather Shoulderguards
 – (Cocoa, Midnight Green) 
Noble Coat
 – (Cocoa, Honeybutter, Midnight Green) 
Invaders Rawhide Bracers
 – (Cocoa, Midnight Green, Beige) 
Aidan’s Leggings
 – (Cocoa, Honeybutter, Midnight Green) 
Kyrtan Boots 
– (Honeybutter, Tarnished Steel, Cocoa)


Before the arrival of the Anet steampunk (Aetherblade) gemstore armor, I wanted to create as close to a steampunk Engineer as possible.  As I mainly use a alchemy build on this engineer, I see her more of as an Alchemist than anything really, and ended up with this modest outfit.  I’m not boasting anything large or fancy or overly beautiful, but I wanted to focus on practicality, personality, and total immersion into the dusty world of what I image Tyrian Alchemy and Machining to be.  



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