The JTP and Me

The JTP and Me: Some rambling about my time at JTP.

 Note: Please bear with me on this 🙂

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There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.

Frank Herbert

As I write this I am listening to Mike Oldfield, I’d recommend him for easy listening. If you’d prefer, and it may be better, then listen to you video in the header; it contains more thoughts.


I guess the reason you would read this is to find out if I’d give two thumbs up to the JTP. Well, yes. The JTP is a program that provided the resources and knowledge to many people, and with those resources those people can then take their first steps into the wide world of journalism.

It does exactly what it says on the tin.

The JTP also provides other things; friendship, security, comfort and strength. These are things that you can’t always find elsewhere, not all in one place anyway.

My Time

I have been with the JTP for 156 days. I haven’t been active all that time, but the powers-that-be have been supportive of that. Each day that I have been active, each day that I have produced content or been apart of something with in the JTP, I have felt like I’ve made progress. Now, that progress may not always stick with me… but that is something personal, not a reflection upon the JTP.

Interviews. Reviews. Guides. News. Editorials. I have had a chance to dabble in them all, it’s been an experience and a half, no doubt.

The Short of It

Yes, you should apply for JTP. Yes, you should experience this great program for yourself. No, you shouldn’t be afraid to push against the tide (just do it better than I did), because it’ll be good for everyone.

So, in closing – if read this far – I had a hell of a ride.

Thank you, Katy, Jay, Stephanie, Venisia, Mary, Brian, and everyone else who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Oh, and of course Amy! I’d have never known about the JTP if I’d not been spamming her with news. Which you can do too by sending her leads to [email protected] – Do it!

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