The Lionguard Spy

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Quick of foot and sly of word

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The Lionguard Spy

With quiet toes she slips on by, a shadow when required. A deadly killer and poisonous beauty, this spy of the Lionguard knows where the strings of the city are…

… And she knows how to pull them. 

Want the look? Get the look.

  • Ascalonian Clergy Cowl     –     Abyss + Rust
  • Vigil Mantle     –     Midnight Fire + Gold + Sand
  • Cabalist Coat      –     Burgundy + White Gold + Midnight Fire
  • Embroidered Wristguards     –     Midnight Fire
  • Ascalonian Clergy Pants      –     Midnight Fire + Matte
  • Strong Shoes     –     Gold + Cocoa + Midnight Fire

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