Bayonetta has finally released on PC. Coming with the butt-kicking beauty is her plethora of outfits. Check out Bayonetta's outfits with these cosplayers.

The Most Amazing Bayonetta Cosplay Outfits

Bayonetta has finally released on PC. Coming with the butt-kicking beauty is her plethora of outfits. Check out Bayonetta's outfits with these cosplayers.
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Bayonetta has released on Steam to a roar of applause from fans. First released in 2009, the third person action game was an instant success. The titular character, Bayonetta, is a powerful, sexy woman with the ability to use a variety of weapons. A popular character, there have been many cosplays of her in her various outfits. The following are some of the best cosplays from Bayonetta.

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Bayonetta Original Outfit

Cosplayer: Caroangulito 

In this cosplay, Caroangulito dons Bayonetta's signature look. Her long hair tied is back in a beehive, gold chains are draped across her black bodysuit and white gloves keep off the gunpowder residue. Laying with a lollipop, the glasses bring out her eyes.

Photographer: Michael Homunculo

Bayonetta Transformation

Cosplayer: Arienai-ten 

Bayonetta uses her hair  as a source of power. Forming her attire, it also makes up her Wicked Weave techniques. When using Wicked Weave her suit loses its arms and legs, as her hair is being diverted elsewhere. Here, Arienai-ten shows off Bayonetta mid transformation. Wearing just her Umbral Watch, shoes and gloves, she is striking. 

Bayonetta 2 Outfit

Cosplayer: RizzyOkuni

In Bayonetta 2, Bayonetta trades in her beehive for a short style bob as well as upgrades her outfit. Now sporting blue guns and tassels, the Umbral witch has ramped up her sexiness even more with peekaboo cut outs going up the back of her legs. Rizzyokuni shows off how the new suit moves in this action shot.

Photographer: Lucas Freitas

Umbran Gekka

Cosplayer: Judy Helsing 

One of Bayonetta's costumes is the Umbran Gekka. Inspired by Chinese cheongsam, the costume comes in three colors. Here Judy Helsing wears the red version which is adorned with gold embroidery and trim. A red flower is in her hair and her gloves are black and red.

Photographer: Las Fotos de Carlos

Jeanne's Bayonetta 2 Outfit

Cosplayer: Gaghielart

Jeanne is an enemy in Bayonetta and one of the main characters in Bayonetta 2. A fellow Umbran Witch and Bayonetta's clan member, purple guns are her go to weapons. Gaghielart makes a fantastic Jeanne, wearing a red bodysuit with black stripes and silver goggles as seen in the second game.

P.E. Uniform

Cosplayer: Luthy-Lothlorien

Luthy-lothlorien dons another one of Bayonetta's costumes, this time her P.E. outfit. A white gym shirt and shorts are what the outfit is primarily comprised of. A note is attached to the front of her shirt. Wielding a large green and gold gun, she is ready for an attack no matter where she is.

Photographer: Mael-Asakura

Bayonetta's Bayonetta 2 Primary Outfit

Cosplayer: SatsuMadAtelier

SatsuMadAtelier looks stunning in Bayonetta's primary outfit from the second game. Black skin tight bodysuit with blue stars hanging for the edges stand out against the Tokyo background. Lollipop in one hand and gun in the other, she brings out the fun side of Bayonetta.

Photographer: Pink Spider Photography

Christmas Bayonetta

Cosplayer: Queenriot 

Queenriot loves Bayonetta so much that she decided to do up a costume for the holiday season. Red velvet, white fur trim and a santa hat complete the main part of the costume. High heels, a red garter and gloves complete the look. Glasses, gold chains, and her signature red hair ribbons really sell the Christmas Bayonetta feeling.

Photographer: Pbj Studios


Cosplayer: AkinaGasai

Jeanne was once asleep much like Bayonetta was. Surrounded by hair she waited until she was awoken. An Umbral Witch, her hair has just as much power as Bayonetta's, though hers is silver instead of black. Using magic to grow it out, her hair goes down to her thighs in the second game. Here AkinaGasai shows off Jeanne's long hair as she sleeps.

Photographer: Arienai-ten

Umbran Komachi 

Cosplayer: Hagaren

One of Bayonetta's outfits is a kimono inspired piece. The Umbran Komachi is a Couture Bullet that comes with the purchase of the Super Mirror. Hararen is stunning in this costume. The gold hair pieces are gorgeous with the purple flowers hanging down from it. The kimono pattern is perfect with the little details perfectly re-created.


Police Woman

Cosplayers: Cosplay Tendency and Kimiko Oroshima

Bayonetta and Jeanne step into the blue and black uniforms of the police. Wearing police caps with badges on the front, handcuffs and ties, these gals are ready to bring all criminals to justice. The police uniform for Bayonetta has a light blue top and navy blue bottom, which Jeanne's is all black.

Which cosplay was your favorite? Is there a Bayonetta related outfit you really want to seen cosplayed? Let us know in the comments!

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