The Most Metal Moments In Gaming

A tour of the most brutally epic moments in video games
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From the brutal to the “BROOOTUL!” video games have had a lot of epic and brutal moments, from rainbow’s in the dark, to a gorepocalypse. So come with me, for I shall take you on a journey to discover some of the most metal moments in gaming.

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Splatterhouse – Splatter Kills

Pretty much any Splatter Kill in Splatterhouse is a page right out of the Death Metal handbook. Ripping intestines out through a monster’s butt? A most brutal and heavy way to die. Splatterhouse also had a pretty heavy soundtrack featuring bands like Municipal Waste, Lamb Of God, and Mastodon. Nothing like some heavy metal to go with a slaughter fest of demons.

Sniper Elite – The X-Ray Kill Cam

The Sniper Elite series features one of the most brutal and metal kill cams of all time. Seeing the camera track your bullet from 200 meters away. Then witnessing the bullet pierce through skin, bone, and organs, accompanied by the sounds of cracking bones and ripping flesh. A metal moment indeed.

Ghosts n’ Goblins – Satan’s Trick

Ghosts n’ Goblins by itself is definitely a heavy metal game, a lone knight fighting off hordes of demons to save the love of his life. This old Nintendo game is so difficult that I have yet to meet a mortal who has beaten it. Why is Ghosts n’ Goblins so hard? Well, you have to beat the game twice. Because the first play-through is actually an illusion that Satan has played on you. Getting tricked by Satan? That is pretty metal in my book.

Skyrim – The Thu’um

One might not think that Skyrim is metal, but in fact, Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls franchise, in general, is straight out of a Dio song. Dragons, swords, and magic? That’s heavy metal at its core. But I feel the most metal aspect of Skyrim would have to be the Dragonborn’s thu’um. Shouting at your enemy is pretty heavy, but engulfing your enemy in flames, or freezing them solid just by the power of your voice? That is some hardcore, epic heavy metal.

Darksiders II – Playing as Death

The Darksiders franchise takes place after the end of the world when all of humanity is destroyed. Sounds metal to me. But what really stood out as a metal moment for me, was playing as the reaper of souls himself: Death. The most feared rider of the four horsemen.

What do you think are some good heavy metal moments that I may have missed?

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