The Order of Whispers send their regards

How would you like to die today?

How would you like to die today?

When pretty much everything you meet in the world of Tyria wants to tear you limb from limb, it helps to have a few weapons to spare for when things get hairy.  

Bann Wenson, an elite agent of the Order of Whispers, takes this to heart, with almost as many weapons displayed overtly as he has concealed about his person.

Whether it’s throwing knives on the shoulder, rear-facing wristblades for defending yourself from behind, or shuriken kept on the calf as a desperate last resort, Bann’s gear has him well prepared.

His favoured weapons are an Order of Whispers blade that folds upon itself to be more easily concealed, and a dagger from the Stronghold of Ebonhawke – the last human bastion in the homeland of his ancestors.


  • Anonymity Hood (Character creation item)- dyed Silt, Lemon Ice and Salmon
  • Whispers Shoulderpads – dyed Iron, Silt and Lemon Ice
  • Falconer’s Coat (Human Tier 2) –  dyed Iron, Silt and Lemon Ice
  • Assassin’s Gloves (Human Tier 3) – dyed Iron, SIlt and Lemon Ice
  • Medium Rubicon Leggings – dyed Pitch, Iron and Ebony
  • Mad King’s Slippers – dyed Silt and Iron

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