The Problem with Video Game Journalism

Is there a lack of women in gaming journalism?

Is there a lack of women in gaming journalism?

We have a problem. Yes, a problem that we, as video game journalists, can fix. Women in the industry.  I was reading an article on why women won’t be part of voting for 2013’s best video game, which discusses difficulties women in the industry faced last year and their absence in the industry.

Let me give you a synopsis on what the author was talking about.

The author, Brianna Wu, is the head of Development at Giant Spacekat. Brianna Wu was trying to understand why the Giant Bomb staff on their podcast dismissed the game Tomb Raider. She goes on saying,

“2013 Tomb Raider isn’t just a very good game, it’s a historically important one. It’s a game that shows the vastly improved product possible when including women in the process of writing women. It’s a game that shows games are flat-out better when female characters are people and not sex objects.”

It is important that more women are shown in games as main characters. 

 “In an industry where men fund the games, develop the games, publish the games, and—most importantly here—review the games, observations like these simply go unheard.”

Brianna Wu is right. There are less women in video game journalism. Why?  I don’t know.  I have seen many women who have written great reviews. Miranda Sanchez and Samantha Sofka ‏of, Brittney Brombacher from, Melonie Mac who makes Gaming & Anime videos on YouTube, and Kimberley Wallace who is associate editor at Game Informer. There are even talented women on GameSkinny.

I know it is hard to break into the industry. I am the stereotypical guy mentioned in the post and it is hard for me. I have no connections or any idea how to get in. But there is a lack of representation. 

“I wonder if women feel represented here?”

That is the main question. Let me give you an example. On the 2013 VGA’s (VGX), out of 23 members on the advisory council, three were women. Three! How is that even possible? I say that is insane. I might be in the minority here, but I want more women in this industry. I want them to get the job ahead of me.

This article touched a nerve in me. I wish more people would pay attention to this. It is not like that young girls and women don’t play video games. I think Naomi Kyle said it best:

“It shouldn’t be a gendered issue in the first place. It shouldn’t be, is, ‘Is this a guy or a girl?’ We should all be equal.”

So, what is your opinion on this subject? Leave me a comment below! 

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