The Queen of Pink Hearts

The self-proclaimed Queen!

This is Persefone Fleur, a renowed artist and mesmer. She grew up in Divinity’s Reach and she is the lone person left to carry on the Fleur legacy. A mixture of Canthan finesse and Ascalonian beauty, part of her ancestry has roots in the Brauer house of Sculptors, in the Kurzick lands.

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Persefone is a traveller. It’s a thing in the Fleur family, travelling long distances just to acquire fabrics, attires or herbs, may they be from Cantha or Elona, or even Orr. Anything a traveller might desire, this woman has it. Her style is quite coquettish yet elegant. It’s one of the things she learned as a mesmer – first kill your enemy with your looks, then with your sword.

A lover of all pinks, Persefone is a devotee of Lyssa, twin godess of beauty.

Rest assured that the uncomfortable outfits do not prevent this elusive woman from dominating you single-handedly with her rapier… or shattering your mind like stained glass.



Lyrical dances with her rapier, fulfilling adventures in the depths of Arah and indulging appreciation of the Elonian culture and dances, all highlights of Persefone’s life.


Headpiece: Mask of the Queen

Shoulderpiece: T3 Human Cultural

Chestpiece: Corrupted Orrian Vestments (Arah Dungeon)

Gloves: Cabalist Gloves

Skirt: Corrupted Orrian Pants

Shoes: Exalted Boots or Phoenix Boots

I feel that the Orrian Armor set is quite smart. If you keep the original hood and shoulders on, it remains Wraith-like. Although, why not go mesmer-fetish and add a mask as well as the T3 crown-like shoulders… With the change of two pieces, it turned to badass royalty or, a style I personally love, “Queen gone Crazy”.



Rose Tint or Indigo covers the dress mostly. Mithril or Gold for the accents. Abyss or Rose Tint for the bodysuit. Celestial or Persephone for the Gems. White Gold for the Mask and Persephone for the feathers.

I think colder colours work amazing on this armour. They express the weariness every traveller has to endure.



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