The Rose of the Shiverpeaks

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Jenine Hanar was born in the secluded frigid valleys of the Shiverpeaks. Never taking well to her people’s shamanistic religion or emphasis on achieving personal honor through the act of the hunt, she left for Kryta at a young age. Her small stature and lack of traditional Norn markings allows her to pass for Human on occasion, something that does not bother her.

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Those that can discern her heritage usually do so by recognizing the craftsmanship of the armor she wears, which remains distinctively Norn in its style of make. 

The Outfit:
  • Head: Hidden
  • Shoulders: Invader Light Armor (Apprentice)
  • Chest: Norn Cultural T2 Light Armor
  • Gloves: Invader Light Armor (Apprentice)
  • Leggings: Order of Whispers Light
  • Shoes: Norn Cultural T3 Light Armor
  • Dye Work: Whatever your favorite mix of earthy and/or red colors. Some of the ones included here are Oxblood, Evening Red, Autumn, Midnight Red, and Scarlet.

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