The Sims Franchise – A Decade Long Addiction

Depwa Spanewash Depla Blah

Depwa Spanewash Depla Blah
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Like many other people out there, I have had hours and hours of time stolen by the popular franchise, The Sims. How easily I can waste a whole day, sometimes by designing the perfect family with the perfect home, never mind actually playing. When The Sims 2 was first released almost 9 years ago it was a revolution, from the ability to go Machiavellian and kill your Sims by locking them in an empty room, to the ability to Woohoo (hehe).

With over 20 million copies sold it is the best selling PC game of all time. From the ability to age, the aspirations angle, as well as all the new career and aspiration awards the game became so much longer. It was the game I bought a stack of expansions for. University gave you the chance to send your kids away and learn, live in shared accommodation and study for longer. Frankly, it’s my most missed expansion, I always hoped they would release a similar expansion for the Sims 3, but with the announcement of The Sims 4 I now doubt this will happen. This combined with Nightlife, which gave your single Sims the ability go out on and meet new singles, date and do the dirty, made The Sims 2 to the best of the three.

With the 8 expansion packs, and the 10 Stuff packs, the Sims 2 was widely expandable, and with the online store released in July 2008 it gave players the opportunity to buy everything from those packs.

My love affair with The Sims is one that has lasted over a decade, and I can’t wait to see what The Sims 4 will bring us. Due for release in early 2014 it’s bound to be SIMply the best (bad pun intended). 

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