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The Top 10 Best Horror Games on Steam for $10 or Less

What are the best affordable games to play this Halloween season? Here are 10 that should satisfy your thirst for horror.

It’s October, and you know what that means. It’s time to get creepy with it. Everyone is gathering their best horror movies to welcome the change of seasons, but what about the gaming world? There are plenty of new horror-themed titles coming out this month, but how about some for those of us who want a nice cheap scare? Here are the 10 best horror games on Steam for $10 or less.

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The Top 10 Best Horror Games on Steam for $10 or Less

10. Code Vein

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Code Vein isn’t your traditional horror game, as it combines anime with a souls-like formula to create a world unlike any other. The enemies are downright creepy and disturbing at times. Not even the bright aesthetic can keep you from feeling irked by them. The combat is bloody and gory, with your own attacks being quite weird as well.

It’s all co-op. However, the way it’s implemented is anything but convenient. Sometimes, I wonder why Souls games love being obscure with multiplayer, but I digress. This game is fantastic and one of the most original horror titles out there. It’s available right now for $8.99.

9. Little Nightmares

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Little Nightmares is not for the faint of heart. I don’t know why, but few games give me the chills like this one. That said, the platformer gameplay isn’t really my thing. However, this is one of the most unique platformers ever made, and it feels like you’re playing through your own personal Coraline.

It’s not going to be for everyone, but for those looking to cozy up during the windy nights with something creepy to play through alone or with a friend, Little Nightmares is a fantastic choice. It’s available now for $7.99, and the sequel is only $13.99. Do yourselves a favor and pick up both $22; it’s a fantastic series for horror fans.

8. Dying Light

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Instead of the slow and clunky movement of Resident Evil or the more realistic movement of The Last of Us, in Dying Light, you’re essentially a parkour master. You’re not going to be crawling around hiding from zombies, but rather sprinting, vaulting, and climbing. The high-octane movement aligns with just how scary this game is.

Zombies here are a terrifying encounter during the day, but once nightfall hits, it gets so much worse. Special zombies are relentless, and their howls will stick with you for some time. It’s tough to be original in the horror genre, especially when zombies are involved, but Dying Light did it. You can grab this one for $8.99.

7. Indigo Prophecy

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If you like games like Detroit: Become Human or Until Dawn, you should definitely take a look at Indigo Prophecy. Framed as a supernatural murder mystery, Indigo Prophecy is the original movie-type game. It’s a little rough looking, considering it was released in 2005, but this remastered edition smoothes the edges a bit.

It’s a cult classic for a reason, with elements of horror and sci-fi combining to create a highly original tale that is both chilling and fun to figure out. Though it’s not the scariest game out there, for $2 it’s well worth it during this Halloween season.

6. Five Nights At Freddy’s

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I’ve always considered this game an exercise in pain, but you know what? Millions of people love these games, so they must be doing something right. You’re a security guard who works at a very twisted version of Chuckie Cheese called Freddys. The problem with Freddy’s is at night, the animatronics come to life and try to murder everyone.

The compilations of people playing these games are still a blast to watch, but if you want to see what it’s like when it’s just you, a camera, and Freddy Fazbear and his friends, by all means, pick up this horror classic for $4.99.

5. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

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This is a standalone sequel to Alan Wake, though it plays out as more of a companion piece rather than a true next part of the story. Everything weird from the first game returns, along with some new twists; for example, Alan now has a psychotic clone of himself to contend with.

If you like outside-the-box horror titles and can’t find anything to play until the sequel comes out, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is only $8.99 right now, so give it a shot.

4. Left 4 Dead 2

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Left 4 Dead is a fantastic series that really needs to make a return at some point, but until that happens, we’re stuck with the original two. The second is easily the best of the two games and remains one of the best horror experiences of all time.

The concept is simple: you and a group of survivors need to navigate through various levels to reach an escape. Standing in your way are legions of zombies called upon by a mysterious, third wall-breaking force known as the director. It’s terrifying in a way that most games never manage to be and is a fantastic time on your own or with a group of friends. You can buy this one on Steam now for $9.99.

3. Doom 3

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While Doom is traditionally a high-octane shooter experience, it also has heavy horror elements throughout. Stuck on a derelict spaceship, Doom 3 places you in the boots of the Doom guy yet again. But this time, it’s a more measured approach to combat.

The breakneck speed of Doom Eternal is nowhere to be found here. Instead, it’s very much in the vein of a first-person survival horror. It irked fans of the franchise due to its different nature at first, but these days, Doom 3 is finally getting the respect it deserves. You can grab this one for $9.99.

2. Arizona Sunshine

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Arizona Sunshine is one of the best VR games, period. It also happens to be a fantastic horror game as well. Stuck in the sunny desert, you have to make do with limited resources and navigate a massive amount of zombies to survive. While it’s not the most original title, it’s all in VR, and that makes the stakes feel heightened considerably.

It also offers co-op, making for one of the most fun zombie shooting experiences available. For some reason, the daylight makes everything seem that much scarier, and Arizona Sunshine depicts a world that has been recently surprised by a zombie outbreak. It’s available now for $7 on Steam.

1. Pacify

Image via Hitchcock Games

For lovers of walking simulator games and games like PT, I’ve got quite the game for you. Pacify isn’t too well known, but it delivers terror like few other games in the genre. You and your team of paranormal investigators are tasked with making sure a house is safe.

Spoiler, it isn’t. In fact, it’s the most haunted thing you’ve ever seen, and everything that makes your skin crawl in horror movies from the past 20 years is here in full force. If you hate your friends, you can ask them to join you on your investigation, making for some harrowing co-op gameplay.

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Those are our top 10 best horror games for $10 or less! If you’re looking for the best budget-friendly frights, these are the picks for you. For more horror recommendations, check out our articles on the best Minecraft horror mods and scary Roblox horror games to play in 2023!

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