The Top 10 Games on the Wii U So Far… and What is Coming

The Wii U has had a rough life so far, but a great lineup and a bright future could turn things around
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

To this date, the Wii U has not exactly had a successful run, and there is no obvious reason for it. The console has some great games, the gamepad, and it is not too expensive.

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This might have something to do with it being targeted at casual gamers and not offering huge improvements over the Wii; most casual gamers are okay with settling for the Wii for cheaper. It also might be that fact that most gamers buy just one console, the largest audience right now is in first-person shooters, so most people lean towards Xbox or PlayStation.

Many of you might not know it, but there has never been a better time to buy a Wii U. The big question right now is “Will Mario Kart 8 save the Wii U?” and, if not Mario Kart 8, then “Will the new Super Smash Bros. save the Wii U?”

While this might seem far-fetched, many people, including myself, will be buying a Wii U just for those games. In fact, I have already preordered Mario Kart 8, and I have not bought my Wii U yet… I should probably get on that.

Top 10 Games on the Wii U

Anyways, for all of those people who are about to enter the Miiverse with a brand new Wii U, you may want to know what other games you have been missing out on. So, without further ado, I bring you the top 10 games that are out for the Wii U.

10) LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO Marvel Superheroes

This will not be a new game for those coming from other consoles, but LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is one of the best installments in the LEGO series to date. Released on a total of 9 platforms, the Wii U version of this game was in no way a cheap port and, being a family-friendly game, I am not surprised.

That is what the Wii U is all about, being able to take a game and have a large group of people, of all ages, have a great time. The LEGO series has always fit that theme perfectly, providing great cooperative and single-player gameplay. With around 150 player-controllable super heroes from such a fantastic lineup, it is hard to resist the pull of Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

Even though it is such a cross-platform series, I would say the Lego games are most significant on the Wii U because it matches the audience perfectly. The Wii U is designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, just like the Lego games.

9) Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

While Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has been a fairly popular game in North America and other areas of the world, nothing comes close to measuring up to the astounding popularity the franchise has received for the Japanese version.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an action-roleplaying game available on both the Wii U and the 3DS, with the option to transfer your save data back and forth between the two versions. The versions are generally similar, with the main differences being the improved graphics and online capabilities of the Wii U version.

This game has had a huge impact on RPG gamers for the Wii U. Nintendo already has games like Zelda to bring in RPG lovers, but a game like Monster Hunter brings in that crowd that favors the action-RPGs.

8) Batman: Arkham City – Armored Edition

Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition

“Its a bird! It’s a plane! It’s su- … oh wait.” 

Batman’s Arkham series has been a hit since the beginning. While Arkham Origins may not have had the success of its predecessors, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were undeniably great, and Arkham Knight looks like it will return to being that way. 

Generally, Arkham City is considered the best game in the series and Wii U fans rejoiced when the Dark Knight came riding on over to the platform. This version of the game also comes packaged with a Battle Armored Tech mode, all the content of the original, and more bonuses.

This installment in the Arkham games made a big impact to Wii U gamers because it was the first of the series to make it to a Nintendo console after it predecessor, Arkham Asylum, excluded Nintendo.

7) CastleStorm


CastleStorm has released for a multitude of platforms; however, for whatever reason, it has had the best reception on the Wii U. The game is a side-scrolling tower defense game that released for the Xbox 360 first and was then ported to different platforms throughout 2013.

This game does have quite a few kinks, but the overall gameplay makes it so that you can still have a great time with this game. This game is similar to a lot of flash games online, but just taken into more depth and developed as a full, paid game.

Just like Lego Marvel Super Heroes, CastleStorm is more significant on the Wii U that any other console because it is a casual game on a console that caters to casual gamers.

6) Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is another game that got a rerelease for the Wii U and, like Arkham City, they didn’t screw it up (unlike Deus Ex: The Fall). The Director’s Cut version that was made for the Wii U is the same version that was released for PC.

Human Revolution was, in almost every way, a complete success and is one of the few games of its kind available for the Wii U. For this reason, it is one of the top games to check out for the Wii U. It may be more designed for the other consoles, but Deus Ex is just as good on the Wii U and does not have much competition on the console.

5) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Tropical Freeze just released less than 2 months ago and has been a huge success. It is the newest installment in the Donkey Kong Country games and, as always, Nintendo has done a wonderful job. 

Beautifully presented for the first time in HD, thanks to the Wii U, Tropical Freeze will be a blast for Donkey Kong veterans and newcomers alike. If there is any place that Nintendo never disappoints, its in their platformers, and this game is no exception.

Along with other Nintendo classics, such as the Mario games or Zelda games, Donkey Kong has always come stomping in with his own successful game every generation. From the original, Donkey Kong, to this famous series, Donkey Kong Country, there was definitely a very positive impact made by Tropical Freeze‘s release.

4) Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3

For some reason, I have always felt like Pikmin has been the forgotten series and I have no idea why. They are spectacular games, but they always seem to be one of the series that people haven’t heard from. Too often do I hear, “oh hey, that’s the guy from Super Smash Bros.!”

Don’t get me wrong, Super Smash Bros. is a great series, but how have people not seen Olamar, or at least the Pikmin, before? For those of you who are big Super Smash Bros. fans and enjoyed throwing Pikmin, try the actual Pikmin games, you will enjoy throwing Pikmin even more.

In the past, Pikmin has not has as much of an impact as I would hope for, so hopefully this Wii U installment will turn the tables. It is certainly deserving of some attention.

3) Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but, when I saw a Rayman game for the first time, I could not believe it was successful. I don’t know why, but for some reason the whole style and idea seemed like something that wouldn’t work to me.

Wow, did those developers prove me wrong. This game was designed so well, they managed to take an idea that most companies would butcher and turn it into a work of art. The gameplay, the style, the environment, everything about this game is beautiful and should be on everybody’s list.

2) The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

Wind Waker HD

There is not much to say about this game other than “they didn’t screw it up.” The original Wind Waker  was a beautiful game. It may not have been on the same level as its predecessor, Ocarina of Time, but that doesn’t change the pure quality of Wind Waker.

Too often do these HD or anniversary remakes get rushed, but Nintendo is not a company known for mistakes like this. Whether you have played the original or not, Wind Waker is a work of art for anybody who has any interest in action RPGs.

Just like Ocarina of Time 3D was for the 3DS, this game is a huge milestone for the Wii U. One thing gamers love is the games that they grew up on, and beautiful HD remakes, such as this, can really put those memories into a whole new light.

1) Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World

Nintendo never ceases to amaze me with how they keep on delivering with the Mario games. A fat, Italian plumber with no in-depth universe and a very basic plot that never gets old. Somehow, they keep doing it.

Not only do they keep making great games of their classic style, this time New Super Mario Bros. U, but they keep introducing new series’ that are great. For the Wii it was Super Mario Galaxy, one of the best games of the console. This time, it’s Super Mario 3D World.

Not only has Nintendo delivered a great new Wii U game, but they also have brought a 3DS counterpart that is just as good, Super Mario 3D Land. If there is any game, currently available, that you buy the Wii U for, then it should be this game.

I don’t know what they have planned next, but I do know that, for now, this could be regarded as the defining game of the Wii U. With no prequels, this truly shows that, this many years later, Nintendo still has many aces up its sleeve.

Big Upcoming Titles

Along with the stellar lineup that the Wii U already has, several big new titles will be arriving soon. The future of the Wii U sure looks bright, let’s hope that these games can bring a little more popularity to Nintendo’s home console.

Mario Kart 8 – May 30, 2014

I may be getting a little ahead of myself, but I believe that this game will take Super Mario 3D World‘s #1 spot after it releases. This may be an exaggeration, it would not be easy to dethrone Super Mario 3D World, but let’s keep in mind that Mario Kart is always one of the, if not the biggest game of each Nintendo console.

Mario Kart 7 was, in my opinion, a better installment than both of the last-generation Mario Kart games, Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart DS. Some new, game-changing features, such as kart customization, bring the series to a new era and Mario Kart 8 will follow that trend.

This game is likely to be the most significant Wii U release to date. The Mario Kart series has been a staple series for Nintendo with, in my opinion, not a single bad game. Get your karts ready and expect a lot from this new racer.

Super Smash Bros. (Wii U) – Q4 2014

It’s Super Smash Bros., need I say more?

Okay, maybe some of you would like to hear more. This generation, for the first time ever, Super Smash Bros. will be coming to both the console and the handheld. Currently the title for both of them is just Super Smash Bros., with no announced subtitle. I assume at some point a subtitle will be added, but it could be like the new Tomb Raider or Thief.

The 3DS version of the game will be releasing this summer and the Wii U version will be releasing this winter. Both versions host the same character line-up, and it is an impressive lineup. New details are coming out all the time, so keep up to date!

Similarly to Mario KartSuper Smash Bros. has had a flawless record. The series has not run as long as the Mario Kart series, but with the series finally crossing to DS we might be able to expect some extra work put into this fighter.

Watch Dogs – Q4 2014

As some of you may know, Watch Dogs is releasing next month; however, it will be having a delayed release date for the Wii U (well, more delayed, seeing how the original release was delayed, too). 

Most people’s first reaction to a game like Watch Dogs is, “it’s like Grand Theft Auto.” People did the same thing with Sleeping Dogs and I understand it. While there are other successful games of the genre, Grand Theft Auto does have quite the oligopoly.

Regardless, Watch Dogs is in many ways not like Grand Theft Auto. The main subject of this game is the hacking, which enables Aiden Pearce, our protagonist, to tap into different devices. This includes pedestrians’ cellular devices.

So what make Watch Dogs stand out from some of the GTA competitors? A lot of these games fail to have the same attention to detail that Rockstar provides. From what we have seen so far, Ubisoft’s Chicago is going to be one of the most detailed, content-heavy open-world games in the genre. Also, do not forget that Grand Theft Auto, and most of its competitors, are not on the Wii U. Ubisoft has gone the extra mile and taken the monopoly of the genre for Wii U.

Hyrule Warriors – 2014

This game could go one of two ways. It is a spinoff of the Legend of Zelda series that features a hack ‘n’ slash, dungeon-crawler style gameplay. I have only seen a limited amount of gameplay, but think Kingdoms of Amalur with a lot more funding. 

The reason I say this game could go two ways is basically just that it’s a spinoff. There have been a lot of really good spinoffs, but there have been about 5 bad ones for every good one; however, having said that, Nintendo has a good track record with spinoffs and not butchering a series. You could pretty much say every Mario series is a spinoff of the original game. Look at Mario KartMario PartyMario GolfMario Tennis, and many others.

The last big spin-off in the Zelda series would probably be Four Swords, which just recently was offered free on 3DS. Bringing the Zelda universe to a new genre could bring in a whole new audience to the Wii U.

Bayonetta 2 – TBA

If the Mario Kart and Zelda games aren’t the kind that pull you to Nintendo’s consoles, then you might be interested in Bayonetta 2. The original Bayonetta released to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but not the Wii. Now, the tables have turned and Bayonetta 2 will be available exclusively on the Wii U.

For many Bayonetta fans, this might be the final push you need to go out and buy a new Wii U. The game will still be developed by Platinum Games, but this time Nintendo will take over publishing duties. Sega is still part of the process, but they have been labeled as the “advisor.”

This game has the potential to make a huge impact on the Wii U. By making that transition from an Xbox and PS3 game to a Wii U exclusive could bring its audience with it. Who knows how many die hard fans will be buying Wii Us when this game releases.


Okay, so the Wii U has not had the best sales record, and there is no guarantee that it will improve; however, I feel, and really hope, that it will. With the library of great titles constantly expanding how can people continue to resist? I will be heading out any day to grab my Wii U in time for Mario Kart 8, are you with me?

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