The Top 5 Jump Scares of Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is all about the jump scares!
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Ask any Resident Evil fan which game was the best in the hit series, and you’ll probably start a war get an immediate response: Resident Evil 2

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Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 may have made its first debut on the original Playstation console back in 1998, but it still continues to scare both fans and newbies to the historic franchise to this very day!

This sequel featured two of the most iconic protagonists of the series, Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, and brought back gameplay focused on exploration, puzzle-solving, and strategic combat that has defined the classic survival horror experience. The game was critically acclaimed for its atmosphere, setting, and audio (who knew that a “safe” police station could make such a great location for horror to unfold)…but what exactly makes Resident Evil 2 so good? 

Jump Scares

Those unexpected and terrifying moments in the game that literally make you jump out of your seat in goosebump-inducing fear. Resident Evil 2 does not fail in delivering some of the craziest (and equally hilarious) jump scares within the entire Resident Evil franchise. After recently playing through the game, I’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Jump Scares of Resident Evil 2!

Spoiler alert ahead (for anyone who hasn’t already played this iconic classic)…

5. The Autopsy Room

As soon as you enter this room and see the corpses lying on the floor, you know you’re in for some fun.  Located in the basement of the Raccoon City Police Department, the Autopsy Room contained the Red Card Key that was required to open the Weapon Storage room down the hall. While making your way past the bodies to the shelf containing the key, one of the morgue drawers suddenly opens with a squeak (just to catch you off-guard). But, in true Resident Evil fashion, the zombies won’t wake up and attempt to maul you until after you’ve picked up your primary objective.

4. The Hallway “Zombie Arms”

There’s one specific hallway in the RPD that contains boarded-up windows. That’s a feeling of safety and security, right? Wrong. As innocent as this hallway appears, the Resident Evil series has taught me one thing: never trust windows. The first time you make your way through this hallway, nothing major happens. It isn’t until you make your way back…that’s when the surprise grope attack occurs! 

3. The Infamous Crows

In the first Resident Evil game, crows were relatively harmless and wouldn’t attack you unless you threatened them, but T-virus infected crows are a completely different story. In Resident Evil 2, the crows have become more aggressive and will immediately attack you if you idle into their territory. In one of the scariest moments in the game, an entire flock of crows crash through a set of windows and will attempt to peck you to death (but more like gouge your eyes out) if you’re not fast enough.  (Despite my “never trust windows” mantra, I sadly admit that I wasn’t expecting this jump scare…)

2. “Mr. X” (T-00)

This trenchcoat-wearing Tyrant only made his appearance in the “B” scenarios of the game, but he sure knew how to make an entrance that not even the Kool-Aid Man could top. After solving the lamp puzzle in the RPD Press Conference Room, Mr. X unexpectedly bursts through the wall and pursues you until you leave. But, just when you thought the hallway was safe…BAM! Another unexpected surprise! Ooooh Yeeeeeaaaah!? 

 1. The Interrogation Room Licker 

This horrifying jump scare is executed so perfectly that it truly deserves the number one spot on this list! The Interrogation Room is a cramped room that contains a small table, a shelf, and a one-way mirror that eerily shows your reflection. Prior to this room, players will have already explored the room on the opposite side of the mirror (and, therefore, know that there is an “empty” room next door). Or is it?

After entering the Interrogation Room and picking up the Rook Plug (Leon) or Eagle Stone (Claire) from the shelf in a heart-pounding, moment-of-truth expectation, nothing happens. A sigh of relief! Yeeeeeaaaah….no. As you make your way back to the door, that innocent-looking mirror is suddenly shattered by a ravenous Licker (resulting in the loudest scream of terror I’ve ever let out while playing a video game).

Check out this hilarious Japanese gamer’s RE 2 montage of all the jump scares featured here! 


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