The Top 5 Things I Want to Do in an MMORPG

The top 4 things I want to do in an MMORPG that might surprise you.
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When it comes to virtual worlds such as those found in multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs), playing is more than just killing hundreds of mobs to get experience and level up so I can defeat a boss. For me it’s about living a virtual life in a virtual world, including some everyday things that some might find boring.

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The Top 5 Things I Want to Do in an MMORPG

1. Talk to people

Yes, I love to chat. Just standing around in the town/city center chatting with friends and random people is often enough for me. I don’t need any other reward other than an interesting or funny conversation.

2. Build my own house

I always want my own little slice of heaven. Player housing, in my opinion, is a must if you are playing an MMORPG. I just wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t have my own place to own, build, and decorate. I mean, at the end of day, after killing a whole bunch of slimes, I deserve to sit down and relax in my virtual living room, right?

3. Wear awesome gear

I think this is a pretty common desire, right? We all want to wear the best armor, robes, or clothes. I don’t want just the best stats, I also want them to look really cool.

4. Crafting

Forget about getting metal bars from monster drops and giving them to an NPC to craft into an item. I want the full, complete gathering and crafting experience from mining the ore from the rocks, smelting them into bars or nuggets, using them on a smithing station to create armor/weapons, and then, finally, finding rare gems to attach to it.

5. Ranks

I know it’s weird but I actually like having a hierarchy in games. Guild ranks or political systems, for example, are things that I enjoy. I like to see my character climbing the ranks. That sort of progress makes me play even more. I like to know where I stand – is my char a total newbie, mid level, or uber?

What about you, what do you like?

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