Looking for an Overwatch streamer to watch? Take a look at my recommendations here!

The top 6 Overwatch streamers to watch

Looking for an Overwatch streamer to watch? Take a look at my recommendations here!
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We watch streams either for the personality or the gameplay. Sometimes, it’s a bit of both. With the Overwatch closed beta going on right now, people want to see what they’re missing. Maybe they want to learn everything they can from people who have access already. In this article I’ll share the six best streams I’ve found for Overwatch.

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The Skilled Streamers:

These are the streamers who can tell you what is going on, and are actually pretty good at Overwatch. They are either breaking down the gameplay for you on stream, or just destroying enemies.

The Streamers:

I have three streamers in this category; each for their own reasons. I’ve linked to their Twitch pages in their names.

  • Lassiz: Lassiz just seems to know what he’s doing. I watched him play for a while and he made some solid plays, and just played well overall. 
  • Impaktpt: Impaktpt sometimes talks about mechanics and bugs during streams. Just this morning he discussed Roadhog’s targeting bug on stream. Also, if you’re looking for an early stream in NA, then this is definitely the stream for you.
  • 2GD: 2GD is the person to watch if you want to listen to strategic communications. When I watched him the other day his team was fully focused on talking about strategic approaches to certain situations.

The Entertaining Streamers:

These are the streamers who you should watch if you’re looking for entertainment. Looking for a quiet chill stream to have open on a second monitor, or someone who brings enrgy and personality to their stream? Look no further — I’ve got the best right here.

The Streamers: 

Each of these streamers brings their own brand of entertainment to their streams. Again, the Twitch pages are linked to their names.

  • Mmboko: This is one of the most chill Overwatch streamers I’ve seen. No talking; no face cam. Just music and gameplay. Definitely a good choice if you’re trying to catch some Overwatch action while doing other things.
  • Seltzer: Some of you may recognize her from her days as a Fragdoll, or her appearances as a shoutcaster for events. Seltzer brings a lot of personality to her streams, including her Overwatch streams. If you’re looking for someone to watch that really gets into the competitive atmosphere, while still keeping the stream lighthearted, Seltzer is the streamer to follow.
  • Forcestrategygaming: Force mixes a blend of entertainment and knowledge. He makes jokes about his own gameplay when he messes up. He also talks about what he is doing in the game. Then there is the sarcasm. It’s a very well-rounded stream for anyone looking to watch some Overwatch gameplay.

These are the Overwatch streamers I enjoyed watching. If you have others that you enjoy watching, leave them in the comments below.

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