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The Triple-i Initiative Could Take Indie Gaming to the Next Level

The Triple-i Initiative is ready to highlight the best indie studios have to offer.

The state of the video game industry is shaky, with some questioning how AAA studios can continue to operate amidst multiple waves of layoffs and title delays. As a silver lining, indie studios are able to gather stronger talent, new studios are being formed, and new games are being brought to market. Higher quality, genre-defining titles are currently being crafted and refined due to this shift.

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The Triple-i Brings Storm of Indie Games

The iii title is new for the industry. Previously used to designate indie games that appealed to millions of players, iii titles can compete with AAA games. Not only can they compete, but they were developed by studios with smaller budgets and more constraints.

To shine a brighter light on such high-performing indie titles, the Triple-i Initiative was formed. First brainstormed members by Evil Empire, it’s become a collaboration between multiple longstanding indie studios. Names like Red Hook Studios, Ghostship, Stunlock Studios, and Thunder Lotus have come together to elevate indie games higher in gamers’ consciousness.

To further this purpose, the Triple-i Initiative Showcase will debut on April 10, 2024, at 10 a.m. PST. The show is set to be a 45-minute live-streamed event across Twitch, YouTube, IGN, Steam, and Bilibili. As of the time of this writing, over 30 separate announcements, trailers, and reveals from differing genres will be packed into the broadcast.

The Triple-i Initiative Showcase is said to include no fluff, sponsor ads, or host segments. It will include big announcements from Red Hook Studios, Evil Empire, and Mega Crit. This is a chance for the studios to come together, talk to their biggest supporters, and attract new audiences.

The Triple-i Initiative and the showcase are set to make indies a higher priority for gamers. Along with branding titles iii indies, the broadcast is a no nonsense celebration of what we all enjoy, quality games. This could set a precedence in an industry that sorely needs a bright light to rally around.

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