The Wicked ‘n Corrupted Norn Warrior

Norns fear nothing. Always ready to strike any fiend that may come across their path..

Norns fear nothing. Always ready to strike any fiend that may come across their path..
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Wicked Morgana is a pure born Norn. She is a ferocious warrior that fears nothing.
From birth she was blessed with strength, wits and beauty beyond compare.
Her beauty grew with each year and so her reputation. All were amazed by her beauty. But Morgana had a Warriors heart. She despised the fact that her strength and skills on the battleground were undermined by her great beauty. She was still young when she decided to leave the village for the thrill of new adventures and to follow her heart’s strong ambitions to be seen as the warrior she knew she was, and not only for the beauty she was blessed with.

Morgana’s story begun after she had attended the great hunt where she singlehandedly hunted down and killed the great beast. The Norn hunter, Eir witnessed Morgana slay Issormir, the great wurm and all the hatchlings. After the slaughter, its said that she cut their hearts out, ate them and roared. The shout was so loud that she woke the god of all warriors, Odin. She was given the name Wicked Morgana. She now wears the mark of a warrior. Her marks are red as blood and cover both her face and body as a reminder of that day..


Wicked Morgana with her corrupted Avenger. She was given this sword as a token of great friendship and its a reminder to her everyday, that you are not defeated because you are down and broken, you are only defeated when you give up!

  Wicked Morgana; Member of the Vigil.

Wickeds outfit! 

  • Head: Norn Tier3. Stag hounskull. Dye. Ocean, starry night and Fluff.
  • Shoulder: Devona´s pauldrons. Dye. Starry night with Lava.
  • Chest: Berserker´s gladiator chestplate. Dyed with Starry night and Ocean.
  • Gauntlets: Berserker´s gladiator. Dye. Starry night with Ocean.
  • Legs: Norn Tier3. Stag chausses of the berserker. Dyed with Starry night and Lava.
  • Feet: Mending greaves of the berserker. Starry night and Lava.

The combination of these colours really makes Wicked’s outfit stand out even in big crowds. The Blue shades and the Lava fits her red tattoos and gives her outfit the right attitude as a Norn.




Weapon of choice is The corrupted ones. 


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