There’s a New Mount on the Prowl in Pandaria

Pandaria has given Jewelcrafters a new mount: The Sunstone Panther. But prowling around one one of these won't come cheap: Just one will cost around 20,000 gold, and if you want get the Onyx Panther, you are looking at an 80,000 gold minimum before you MIGHT get to have it.
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The new race, class, lands, adventures and items aren’t the only new things on the prowl in World of Warcraft since the new Mists of Pandaria expansion… there is also a new mount to be made!

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… Alchemists can make the Vial of the Sands mount
… Engineers have the helicopter
… Tailors have their flying carpets
And now Jewelcrafters are able to make the Sunstone Panther!

Luxury Finishes 

The Sunstone Panther comes in 4 colors, all available at different points. The pattern for the Sunstone and Jade Panthers can be received when you are honored with the Cloud Serpent. A Sapphire and Ruby Panther pattern is available when you become revered, and the Onyx Panther is available when you are exalted. However, you can only get the Onyx Panther when you have already made the ones before it. You need to combine them all for the Onyx Panther. 

So Where’s My [Make Cat] Button?

So what makes the new mount? Excellent question! The mats are crazy expensive to buy, especially one in particular. The rest can be found from things in Pandaria. They include living steel, sunstone gems, and motes of harmony. The last ingredient is called a Myster Orb and get this–you can only purchase it from a little goblin who sells mats on the roads of the Eternal Vale. The purchase price? Oh, only 18,000 gold! Yep, you read that right. Eighteen THOUSAND gold. 

These Panthers are Gonna Cost You

As you can see from the cost of that one mat, this isn’t going to be a cheap mount to obtain. Just one of these mounts will cost around 20,000 gold, and if you need the rest to get the Onyx Panther, you are looking at an 80,000 gold minimum before you MIGHT get to have it. I should take a minute to apologize to new players if I have gotten your hopes up. It’ll be a while before you obtain that much gold, so don’t even think about it until you are level 90 for a long time!

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