Things that the DOTA 2 2014 International Winner Will Be Able to Buy

Just how far with $4.8 million actually go.
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This year's DOTA 2 International Winner will be receiving a portion of the largest prize pool in eSports. The Prize Pool, which has reached a staggering $10.5 million will be split between the upper tiers of the competition with the winning team receiving around $4.8 million. 

Yes, that will be split among the five team members, and probably any managers or excess staff that they have. But what could they buy if they actually spent all that money on purchases? 

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9.6 Million Dum Dums

Hopefully the winner of the International has a serious sweet tooth, because with the earnings from the DotA 2 Championship, they could buy over 9.6 million of the sugary pops. 

2,400,000 Loaves of Bread

The loaf of bread has long been used as a standard for measuring inflation (you can look up the price of a loaf of bread back in the 1950s and compare it to today if you're feeling masochistic). The average cost of a loaf of bread will vary depending on where you live, but the standard in the US is $2. 

With that in mind, the winner of the International could live the rest of their life just eating sliced bread. But there are better thigns to spend your money on. 

3200 Google Glasses

This highly coveted tech accessory has a base price of $1500, though you can't really put a price off looking like a nerd. The winner of the International could buy one for each of the team members and 3,295 of their closest friends. 

24 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolets 

There may not be twenty-four members of the winning team, but if there were they would each be able to drive away from the DotA 2 International with a 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, the high end of the Porsche 911 line. 

That's right, twenty four luxury cars. 

15 Bottles of Jeroboam of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild, 1945

A bottle of this vintage sold in 2007 for roughly $310,000. With that in mind, the winner of the DotA 2 International could purchase 15 such bottles. At $8k a glass, that's certainly nothing to sneer at. 

9 English Castles 

Valued at $510,000, this English castle is already a steal. But the winner for the DotA 2 International could be living in high style (with tennis courts) with 9 of these puppies. 

2 Signed Original Manuscripts of the Declaration of Independence 

As recently as 1991, an original signed manuscript of the Declaration of Independence sold for $2.2 million. If the winners of the DotA 2 International are feeling particularly patriotic (unlikely considering that most of the contestants are not American) they could purchase two of these very unique and historical items. 


The 2013 GDP of Japan 

OK, so they couldn't actually buy Japan. But according to the International Monetary Fund, the 2013 GDP of Japan was $4.9 million making it fairly comparable to the first place prize for the 2014 DotA 2 International. 

What would you buy with the proceeds from the DotA 2 International? 

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