This Is Why It’s MORE Than Time for a New Super Mario RPG

Mario deserves another RPG. The Switch should be front and center of this, but why?

Mario deserves another RPG. The Switch should be front and center of this, but why?
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The most recent installment of Mario’s RPG career, Paper Mario: Color Splash, released in October 2016 to positive acclaim in the community scoring average results around 7-8 (on a basic scale of 1-10), according to IGN, Polygon, Gamespot and user reviews. Past Mario RPG’s have been met with positive acclaim (even from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars).

Mario’s RPG career has been sincerely lucrative for Nintendo, and with the recent announcement of the Nintendo Switch — along with several new games being announced and developed — I believe it is high time for a brand-new Super Mario RPG, but why?

(Currently how I feel making this statement *breathes heavily*)

The first, and possibly most obvious reason for Super Mario getting another installment of the RPG genre is to add another interesting Mario game into the spectrum. As well as broaden the hemisphere of games coming out on the Switch, and add to the RPGs that many players are excited for; including Xenoblade Chronicles 2, as well as Dragon Quest.

Mario can also make a return in another Paper Mario game, to once again add more options for gaming on the Switch.

The implementation of Joy-Cons can allow for motion controls in a Mario RPG to incorporate more action into the game. Allowing players to fully take control of Mario’s actions can put a player more into the story, but in addition it can be possible to incorporate interesting co-op multiplayer into the game.

The ability to switch to co-op play immediately with local play can be beneficial to gameplay, especially with two Joycons allowing quick adaption into playing with a friend. Two different players following two of their selected characters, who have been picked from a variety of characters, can travel around together and share in their endeavor — hopefully Mario let’s Luigi get some screen time.

It can even be as possible as to add online co-op play even up to four characters with Switch to Switch play. This feature can have more options to work as a team to face more difficult bosses with more strategic gameplay other then stomping three times–it gets old. Turn based gameplay or more open-combat (my personal favorite) would be done with the Mario charm to pull players into riveting and core gameplay that has been proven successful in the past, hopefully with this new platform in mind.

In addition to gameplay, it’s always a pleasure, in my opinion, to see more humor in Mario’s RPGs, whether that comedy is underlining the overall story, or the comedy is a big part of the story. The dialogue within such Mario RPGs has always been more lax, comical (sometimes corny), as well as modern and serious — bringing together the two sides of the fan base, the straight faced, and the common jokers.

Dialogue in Mario has always benefited from its sarcasm and over-the-top cartoon humor, this means it’s great for kids and adults. Everyone can experience another comical Mario storyline thrown into the mix, especially since Nintendo seems to let loose with their comedy might in their RPGs (more so than in other Mario games). There are often even little gems and easter eggs — such as Samus from Metroid and Link being seen. found a few in Super Mario RPG, which you can see in the image below.

It would be more interesting to see a new spin on a Mario RPG with a Mushroom Kingdom which feels more alive. The inhabitants should bring quests and rewards to you as you travel freely in a more open world — something that can push the boundaries for Mario in a new setting.

I want Nintendo to come back strong, and once again set the standard for future development and gameplay in the industry. The sheer thought of running around and exploring different aspects of the Mushroom Kingdom leaves nothing to the imagination. Along with the player experience, I’m sure developers can have a ball designing their world and finally show it off to their fanbase.

We could finally see what Mario and his friends, or enemies, do within this world and what exactly resides within its landscape. With the Switch being announced its more then a good time to release a new Mario RPG, and even better if it pushes the boundaries from its regular standards and tries something completely new to lure fans in — as well as new players. With co-op multiplayer having more players, a quest-line plot and engaging gameplay Mario can make a return to the RPG scene in a tremendous way.

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This is Why it’s More Than Time for a New Super Mario RPG

We need, want and deserve a new Super Mario RPG, right? Well, yes actually and here's why.

We need, want and deserve a new Super Mario RPG, right? Well, yes actually and here's why.
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So, after the success of Super Mario Run, it has made us think that we need a new Super Mario RPG. A game with a turn based structure and story based quest of an RPG to create an experience that feels distinct and playful. With Super Mario Run, the classic Mario style exists, but is reimagined for 2016. And this would be perfect for a Mario RPG.

As the now discontinued Wii U only added the Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars in June 2016, it has made us more interested in a brand new RPG game, after all, it is about time.

Here, we look at the reasons why we need a new Super Mario RPG.

Firstly, the Nintendo Switch must be a massive factor and reason behind a new RPG for Super Mario. In fact, it is something that is already in the planning. It is alleged that there will be a Mario and Rabbids RPG crossover game being unveiled at the Switch’s launch. This is very exciting indeed and the idea of the Rabbids invading the Mario world gives a fun, new take on a Mario RPG.

As well as this crossover, generally, it would be a great idea to celebrate the entire Super Mario RPG gaming concept, which has now been around for more than 20 years and ported into later systems, such as the Wii and Wii U. What would be better to celebrate this anniversary than a brand new game, that just like Super Mario Run that reinvents the game but is equally reverent of the past.

As in previous versions of the RPG, the two separate joy-cons could be used to control two separate characters.  It would be an absolute shame to have the perfect new console and not have a Mario RPG game that takes full advantage of it. The whole portability of the Switch makes Mario RPG available on the go.

Mario and Luigi RPG, the game that was available for the DS and 3DS gives us the Mario RPG on the go example. But the Switch would provide a more powerful system, better graphics and controls too. For example, the Paper Jam game had an excellent RPG battle system, but was largely uninspiring, dull and bland in characterisation, narrative and environment.

A fresh, new Mario RPG would mean players can forget about previous disappointment and truly provide the game we want and deserve. These games eventually strayed too far from the original games and we want the feelings of the original games back again, in a new version.

The developers of the Wii U version, Square Enix are reliable and would be perfectly suited to produce a new game, with the success of Final Fantasy XV in the bag; they could produce a really brilliant story and have experience with developing RPG’s with wireless remotes.

Also, there is the massive nostalgia factor. The games we loved and grew up with are still incredibly popular and owing to emulators, we are able to play these games again. But there is nothing better than a new version, reminiscent of those classic games. In fact, the RPG could pay homage to the history of Super Mario, in the manner of Sonic Lego Dimensions, where players have a whistle stop tour of all the classic locations, weaving the history of the game into a brand new story.  This would connect to players of the original games.

We deserve a new Super Mario RPG as quite simply it is long overdue. It’s interesting to consider with the Switch and we have to believe that this will deliver the RPG that we want. The Super Mario RPG would be great for nostalgia, but also bring new players on board who have purchased the Switch and want new games for it. We’ll eagerly await further information in January about this RPG.

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