Those Who Are About to Explode, We Salute You: Faffywaffy (DarkSide.)

Controversial, calculating and bald. No it's not Yul Brynner, it's Darkside.'s answer to Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, the theorycrafting, competitor-baiting Faffywaffy.

Ships Flown this Tournament: Dominix battleship x2, Tengu strategic cruiser
Survival Percentage: 66%
BattleClinic Rank: #57
Previous Tournament Experience: Alliance Tournament X, IX

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Alliance: Darkside.
Alliance Form: 

  • 2012 (ATX) – Quarterfinalists (knocked out by Pandemic Legion)
  • 2011 (ATIX) – Semifinalists (knocked out by Outbreak.)
  • 2010 (ATVIII) – Semifinalists (knocked out by Pandemic Legion)


Faffywaffy is a utility pilot who has performed a number of roles for the Darkside. tournament squad since he joined member corporation Fremen Sietch in 2010. He is also the mastermind behind some of the strategies that have secured Darkside.’s status as strong contenders.

His sage, sometimes snarling presence can be found on the official forums where he is not shy about sharing his opinion or offering criticism. He has also offered his tactical nous and fitting knowledge for a price, selling his services as a fitting and tactics advisor to the highest bidder during the New Eden Open.

Last year he shared some fascinating post-tournament “tricks” which he claims to have invented and which were subsequently analysed and used by tournament winners, Verge of Collapse, during Alliance Tournament X.

In a post giving an interesting insight into the use of multiple warfare links and implants, he discusses the idea of tearing out and replacing implants mid-battle for tactical advantage.

“This particular trick has already been “outed”, and in fact even “stolen” by Verge of Collapse (kudos on carefully examining our fits), but I don’t think everyone was paying attention. Also, there are several variations of the trick, which even people who have seen my Cyclone may find new.”

Of course, other tournament savants have contested this claim as the pride and egos of EVE’s finest were brought to bear in ongoing forum feuds which no doubt provide some behind-the-scenes motivation during the tournament.

Clearly every inch the EVE player, Faffywaffy’s cunning and eye for an advantage is only matched by his thirst for a fight. Can he lead tournament finals weekend regulars Darkside. beyond the semifinals for the first time?

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