Those Who Are About to Explode, We Salute You: Taco Rice (Test Alliance Please Ignore)

Test article, please read and comment.

Test article, please read and comment.

Ships Flown this Tournament: Catalyst destroyer, Maulus frigate, Hyperion battleship, Sleipnir command ship
Survival Rate: 25%
BattleClinic Rank: #61,272 (down 151 from #61,121)
Previous Tournament Experience: Alliance Tournament X , New Eden Open

Alliance: Test Alliance Please Ignore
Alliance Form:

  • 2013 (ATXI) – Eliminated on Day 4 by SCUM.
  • 2012 (ATX) – Eliminated at group stage.

Taco Rice

Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) is well known for a kind of deliberate aura of chaos and its huge numbers (they are the largest player alliance in EVE Online, with over 10,000 members). An observer of alliance behaviour might be forgiven for thinking that there is no logic to TEST behaviour and in many cases, you’d be right. The members seem to revel in creating anarchy.

Taco Rice is no exception, with his unpredictable logistics cruiser performances in last year’s Alliance Tournament perhaps explaining why this year he has thus far been confined to low-points value frigates and cruisers.

In Alliance Tournament X, he received commentator plaudits for his competent logistics skills in one match, before proceeding to inexplicably fly straight out of the arena in the next. TEST still achieved a victory, but unsurprisingly rumours were abound of everything from bribery to a dog attack.

In any case, Test Alliance Please Ignore’s uncharacteristically strong run has seen them surge into the winner’s bracket and all eyes will be on the madcap antics of TEST’s finest to see who has been drinking the insanity juice on match day.

In any case, Taco Rice and co. will be entertaining.


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